The Unborn Joel

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The Unknown Person

"Hey, are you alright?" asked the mysterious person.

"I'm.....I'm fine, it's just that I...I just think I don't fit in here" Caroline replied.

"Don't worry, first-comers always feel unwelcomed" he said.

Caroline hugged him tighter as her tears rolled down her face. Caroline didn't know who he was, to be honest. She just couldn't bear the pain she had inside of her.

"Why did you seem so happy when I pulled you?"

"I...I guess you....kinda looked like......."

"Like what?"

" know what? Nevermind!"

Caroline tried to go to class but she ended up getting pulled by him again. Not knowing who is who, they just HUGGED each other!

*Note to yourself: NEVER HUG A STRANGER*

"Who....are you?"

"I'm Jaxon".

Tears rolled down her face as she heard his name. Caroline was imagining someone else because Jaxon looked exactly like the person she still loves very dearly.

"I'm your senior".

Then, he put her hair behind her ear and whispered, "Your ex". The word echoed in her ear multiple times. She was scared! Anxious! Out of control! And most importantly, in tears! Caroline looked at him. Stared at him. Not 1 nor 2 but 3 seconds. Caroline decided to tease her senior as he has awakened a past that she doesn't want to remember.

She bit her lips, gave a naughty look, and whispered, "No you're not, you're my soon-to-be-boyfriend". Then, she winked at him. She took 3 steps back and blew a kiss to him. After that, she walked to her class professionally. "Yep! Still got it!!" she smirked at her flirting skills.

As she was walking back to class, someone else pulled her!!!

What's up with everyone pulling me today? Ughhhh.

Caroline's long hair blocked her view. He cleared up her hair for her to see him.


"Hello, my dear ex," he said in a deep voice.

"Leave this instant!"

"No! Don't leave me hanging! You're the only one who can see me dead! Now, you want another man?!!?! You can't do this to me!!"



"Why did you send a soul to show me around the school?"

"Who? ME? I would never!!"

"Stop playing dumb with me, Joel! Am I still a kid to you?"


Joel walked closer. Squeezed her arms. Gently lifted her chin and kissed her. He stopped for a while and said, "I can still taste you, ya know? By the way, you still taste as sweet as ever".

"Seriously, how lame did you become after your lonely days in a graveyard without me?" said Caroline as she wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled.


"You're not real, Joel," said Caroline as she slowly backed away from him and frowned.

"I am!"

"You're not! You're just my imagination, idiot!" Caroline fought.

"Watch me!"

He grabbed her hand and placed it on his shoulder. "Hop on, baby girl," he told her. "Erm...okay?" she replied. After Caroline got on, he whispered to her ear, "I love you". She gasped.

Then, she finally plucked up some courage to ask him a few questions that she has been wanting to ask him for very a long time.

"Why did you leave me?"

Joel kept quiet, didn't know what to answer at the moment. "ANSWER ME!!"
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