The Unborn Joel

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The Unknown Person Pt.2

"Just forget about it! Past is....past!".

"What the h*ll?! You ask me to forget the awful breakdown I had for 4 years?!?! FOUR F*CKING YEARS, JOEL!!!".

"I know what? I thought we could at least become friends but this isn't working at all".

"This.....this is what you said the last time but....".

"But what?".

"You know what? Nevermind. I should go to class. By the way, I like the thought of being friends".

"Really? Like, REALLY REALLY???".

"Yep, I guess I'll see you later".

"Yea, I guess so. Umm...bye!".

But before Joel walked away, Caroline jumped on him. "What are doing?". Joel then chuckled and before he knew it, Caroline kissed him on the lips. After 5 seconds, she let go and went to her class casually. Then, Joel went to class as well but nervously.

When Joel was walking to class, he felt like someone was watching him. He stopped for a moment.

"Who's there?" he asked.

He then heard echoes saying, "sinner", "sinner", "sinner". Joel then asked, "What did you say?".

~Tick Tock, Hickery Dock, Joel's A Sinner, For Two Years Long ♬ ♩

The song played continuously 3 times! The walls started closing up. It was happening!!! AGAIN!!!

"Who are you to touch the only girl who believes in me?". A voice in a deep tone asked.

"She's my ex", Joel answered.

"Well, too bad you gotta say bye-bye to her!".

"Wh--what do you mean?!".

"Remember the time when you wanted to poison your 'ex'?.

"How did you----". "Have a 'nice' time in hell, loser!"


Suddenly, the walls began to get even closer to Joel! "Aghhhhh!!!", Joel shouted. " Someone help me!!!! Carolineeee!!!".

*10 minutes earlier*

"Teacher, may I go to the bathroom?" Caroline asked politely.

"In my class, no one is allowed to go to the bathroom!", the professor replied with a snort.

"I'm on my period", Caroline rolled her eyes at her professor.

"Oh! Uh...ok, but be back in 30 minutes!", the professor said.

"Yes, ma'am!", Caroline told her.

When Caroline was walking to the bathroom, she heard someone screaming out her name.

"Joel?", she thought to herself.

She walked closer to where the sound was coming from. When she reached there, she realized that the walls were closing. She did panic at the moment but she knew what she had to do.

"Joel! Stop this nonsense!!", she screamed throughout her lungs to make sure 'Joel' heard that. Plus, thanks to her scream, everything stopped!

"Baby, are you okay? Did you get hurt?? Are you bleeding?! Did you sprain yourself?!?! Did you----" asked Caroline in worry.

"I'm fine, wifey", Joel joked.

"O.M.G!!! He has made u sprain your ankle!!! I told him not to interfere in my life!", she mumbled loudly by accident.


"Umm, it's...nobody. I'll bring you to the nurse's office. Put your arm around me".



"OK OK, jeez".

Then, Joel put his arm around Caroline. "Just hang in there, kay?". Then, she started walking carefully to the nurse's office because Joel was hurt.

*After 5 minutes*

They finally reached the nurse's office. She then placed Joel on the bed, carefully. "Take good care of yourself. I'll come and check on you when it's recess time", Caroline told him. Caroline then pecked him a kiss his forehead. After that, she went straight to class.
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