The Unborn Joel

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The Hidden Truth

*Kring Kring*

It was finally recess time! Caroline quickly ran to the nurse's office to check on Joel.

"Are you ok?" asked Caroline.

"Er...I'm feeling better now, thanks to you!" said Joel.

"Well, I suppose I'll change your dressing first".

"Hey, you wanna maybe get-----".


Suddenly, Jaxon appeared out of nowhere. "Did you hear?" he asked.

"What Jaxon?!" asked the both of them.

"I heard 'The Unborn Joel' was found dead in this room in 1961!!!" he told.

"What?!?! That's absolutely nonsense!!" replied Caroline in anger.

"OK, fine...jeez. You don't have to yell" said Jaxon.

"Caroline, how did you know Jaxon?" asked Joel with curiosity.

"Oh, we....met especially, I guess.." said Caroline while blushing slightly. "I---I need to go now. Wait! I almost forgot----".

Caroline then kissed Joel and went away while holding Jaxon's hand. Caroline held his hand until they reached their lockers. This simply made Joel furious. As the hallway was quiet and the students were nowhere to be found, it was quite clear that everyone has returned to their classes except Caroline and Jaxon who decide to stay.

"Hey, Jaxon!"


"Ok, first of all, how did you know where I was? asked Caroline.

"Um....your friends told me!" said Jaxon confidently.

"I don't do friends, Jaxon," said Caroline while chuckling.

"Oh, bummer. Fine, you've caught me. I was kinda....maybe following you".

"Stalker much? Honestly, I'm not even surprised!"

"Do you wanna.....hang out with me?"

"Sure! But after Joel gets better! I promise!!" Before Caroline left the room, she asked, "7 o'clock?" and Jaxon replied, "Oh, uh...sure!".

*After 20 minutes*

Why is life soo hard?

Caroline arrived at the restroom. "Eh, where is he?". Caroline was so confused. "Where could he be now?".

Joel's P.O.V

"How am I supposed to face her? Ughh, and how did she-----ughhhh!!! Wait a minute! I'm dead! Why am I so worried?! I can just simply be invisible and hide for a while".

Caroline's P.O.V

Meanwhile, Caroline was searching for Joel for a while now.

This ain't funny, Joel!

Instead of her 'Joel', another Joel appeared.

"Hello, sister!"

"What are you doing here?!?!"

"Protecting you from 'Ex Joel', what else?" he answered as he rolled his eyes.

"Seriously, you know that he's dead since I was 18!!! Even you are dead!!!!"

"So what? Does it make any difference?" he scoffed.

"Yes! My ex died when he was about to propose to me and you died when you were born!! So yes! It does make a difference!!!!! There are even rumors spreading about you! It's like you're popular because of Michael's death!!"

"Michael....died for a reason"

Back in 1992

Michael was a 15-year-old boy. "Hey guys, let's play a game!"

*Friend 1: Okay what game?*.

"Curse or live! So, the rules are...if you chose to curse, you have to curse someone's name but if you chose to live, you'll get to live up until 90-years-old. Okay, ready?", Micheal explained.

*Friend 2: Okay I choose to live!*

"Wimp! I'm definitely for a curse!" said Michael.

*Friend 3: Okay, who is it then?*

"Hmm...I think I'll curse a pregnant woman to have a miscarriage to boy names Joel and the other guys who chose to change their names to 'Joel'.

*Friend 2: Isn't it a know...too much?*

"Nonsense! Cursing is fun! The curse won't come true anyway", said Michael as he rolled his eyes.

End of Flashback

"And that's how I died. You don't understand anything! You even asked me why am I trying to take away your 'ex' soul, right? Well, guess what? He tried to kill you by poisoning the drink he made for you!!! Who's regretting now, huh?!?! Yep, that's right! It's YOU!! Just do me a favor, STAY AWAY FROM YOUR EX!! And for your information, he betrayed your so-called 'love'. I'll give you some time to think about who you wanna trust. Take your time".


"What was that all about?" she thought to herself after Joel left her with HUGE information that she, herself doesn't quite understand.

"Hey, Caroline!"

"Oh, hey Jaxon!".

Jaxon wanted to ask Caroline something but he was too afraid to.

"Okay, what is Jaxon?"

"This may sound a bit weird but......when you were at the nurse's mentioned Joel, right?".


"Well, it seemed to me, no one was there....but when I asked you a question back there.......I felt like I heard two your....*clears throat*....ex dead?" he asked with a shaky voice.

Caroline was shocked because of the question he asked. She tried not to remember what happened. She also tried to hold back her tears.

"It's ok, if you don't wanna tell, ya know?"

"It's alright. I'm willing to share what's on my mind right now". Then, she began to open up to Jaxon.
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