The Unborn Joel

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The Hidden Truth Pt.2

Back in 1995

"I was just a nine-year-old girl. My mom was pregnant. She was 8 months pregnant actually. the same time, she wanted to give birth to her son who was supposed to be my brother, Joel.

I don't know how it happened! The time went so fast, I panicked! Wishing my mother will give birth successfully, she ended up having a miscarriage at the age of 24.

Everything fell apart afterward. My mom had a disease that couldn't be cured and left me when I was just 12. Then, my dad put me up for adoption because he only wanted a son and not a daughter. He never wanted me as his child!

As I grew older, no one adopted me. So, I ran away and went to a private school. I adjusted myself and lived there. We lived in dorms, by the way. In the dorm that I lived in, I introduced myself to my five other dormmates who are Joel, Angel Rica, Aisle Rico, William, and Damian.

As time flew by, I turned 15 and had my first crush. That is where the 'Joel' you were talking about comes in. We went on dates together for 2 years. We never titled ourselves, we kept it all simple between us.

However, there was a time when he poured poison into my drink. I never got to drink that at all because the drink just spilled all over me. So, I didn't get to taste it either way. I---I didn't want to believe it was him who tried to poison me though. This happened on our 1-year-anniversary at a luxury restaurant. After cleaning myself up, we left.

One day, we....we...we went to a dark alley that we shouldn't have gone to. Joel protected me. He fought off the bad guys. He then asked me to leave but I was wayyy too stubborn.

Suddenly, a guy behind me cut me with a knife, right in the middle of my stomach. Joel got furious. Then, the guy took out the knife and did it again. I pleaded with Joel to run, but he didn't. Every step that Joel takes, that guy will cut me with that same knife at the places where I would feel pain. Because of that, I became unconscious and fell while saying, "I LOVE YOU!! Save yourself!".

Things got so messed up afterward. When I woke up, I found myself at the hospital. I called the nurse to ask about my Joel.

*Nurse: I'm glad that your awake, madam.*

"Where's Joel?".

*Nurse: I'm very sorry to say this, but Joel didn't make it, ma'am. According to the doctor who was treating him, Joel got shot in the head 3 times and it caused him to have brain dead. I'm sorry. Does he have any parents or relatives I could talk to?*

"No, I'll sign as his guardian later".

*Nurse: Okay, madam*

As I heard those words, I had a mental breakdown. The breakdown went on for about four years. I wanted to rewind everything ever since 1995 but I couldn't. However, after this breakdown I've had, I kept seeing my brother's and ex's souls. My brother didn't die in the restroom you mentioned but by miscarriage.

My brother's soul is called The Unborn Joel while my ex's soul is known as The Sacrificer Joel. Many people thought that my ex died because of Michael's curse just like my brother but my ex died by wanting to save me. The curse didn't work on my ex and I'm glad it didn't because otherwise, I wouldn't have met him.

I have also seen that the news confirmed that my ex had his name because of my brother but in reality, it was all just a coincidence that they both have the same name. I just.....don't know what I'll do without them all! I love them both very much.

Now, my brother is 14-years-old and my ex is 25-years-old. Just for your information, I'm 23-years-old this year. So, yea! That was their flashbacks...I guess".

"Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow". Jaxon got surprised by the flashbacks told by Caroline.

"You were lonely for A WHOLE YEAR?!?!"

"Keep your voice down!!!"

"I'm sorry, your story just kinda surprised me. Your story's like a movie that hasn't been shown in the theaters yet! It was something.....different!!"

"Say whatever you want! Just pinky promise me that you won't tell anyone!!!"

"Your secret's safe with me, princess", Jaxon said.

"Thank you! Wait for ----princess?!?! You idi*t!"

Jaxon laughed.
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