The Unborn Joel

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The Moments To Endure

Kring Kring

"OMG!!!! THE BELL!! WE'RE LATE FOR ANOTHER CLASS!!" screamed Caroline while looking at Jaxon. Caroline quickly grabbed his hand and ran to their class as quickly as lighting!

"So class, today we will learn about moments to endure. In Spanish, it is called momentos para aguantar. In Italian, it's momenti da sopportare. As you can see, many different languages can define this beautiful sentence. Before we get further into this subject, please turn to pag----".

"We're sorry we are late, professor!!!" said both Caroline and Jaxon while gasping for air.

"The word 'sorry' won't make any changes on why the both of you are late to my class! However, I am actually in a good mood today so, I've decided to let this go. If I see the two of you late again, I'm afraid that I'd have to put the both of you in detention! Understood?" asked the professor furiously.

"Yep!" said Caroline, who answered exactly like how the armies would in the military.

"Never again," said Jaxon while giving an awkward laugh.

"Good. Now, go and take a sit. Okay, back to our lesson. Moments to endure is do I explain it? Aha! Prom! Y'all know that prom is about dancing with your beloved ones, right? So, you want to endure the moment, am I right? So, that is one of the examples for today's lesson. Alright, I hope that y'all understood about the topic that we've just learned. Now, I want y'all to do page 20 till 40 in your activity book and hand it over to me before school ends!" the professor told them. Everyone groaned in frustration. "Quit groaning and start doing the work that I have just given y'all or else I'll give y'all 10 essays to do as extra homework!" the professor glared at her students. "NO!" the students shouted. Then, they all began to do their homework silently.

Narrator P.O.V (extra scene)

"What a lame topic to teach about!" said the narrator sarcastically.

Back to Caroline's P.O.V

"Ugh......why does our English professor always teach something unrelated to our education?!!" said Caroline in annoyance and frustration after she was dismissed by the professor. "Anyways, bye!! School's over now so, I might as well go home...I guess. Bye, Jaxon!" said Caroline, as she waved goodbye to him and gave him a wide smile. Just like that, Jaxon nodded, said his goodbye to Caroline, and left the place.

Okay, he's gone. Phew!! Okay, you guys can come out now!!!!

Then.....well, you can already guess what happened. 'My Joel' stopped hiding and my brother came out as well.

"Okay, do it!"

"Do what?" my ex and my brother asked while looking kinda clueless.

"Say your apologies and I'll say mine. You have...oops! You have exactly 5 seconds starting from now!!" Caroline told them with her arms crossed, waiting impatiently for either of them to begin within the time given.

"I'm sorry for poisoning you last year. I didn't know what demon came over me but now I've learned my lesson. As an apology, I'll take you out for dinner at 7.00 pm. Alright, baby girl?"

"You better keep your promise, mister, or else you'd have to face some serious consequences!!" replied Caroline in a fierce tone to her ex. "What about you? Gonna say something or what, bro?" Caroline chuckled as she noticed how nervous her brother had gotten just at the thought of apologizing.

Finally, her brother said sorry for being angry towards her. At last, they hugged it out. "I'm sorry if I've done anything wrong," said Caroline while still holding onto them.

"Now, these are 'The Moments To Endure', just like what we're taught in class," said Caroline in a calm tone.

"A what now?" asked my ex.

"These are just things that you wouldn't understand," said both Caroline and her brother, Joel.

"Hey!!" said Joel in an annoying tone.

Then, we laughed and laughed.
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