The Unborn Joel

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The Field Trip

25 May

"Okay, guys. Settle down. First of all, I have an announcement to make, so listen up!! Since it's already May, we're having a field trip! This trip is for y'all to find yourself and to relax. This trip was organized by The Romantic Club. It seems to me that this trip.....does NOT require any payments!!! On this trip, you will be accompanied by me, Mrs. Huckleberry, and few more teachers. There will be two buses, one will have two seats and the other will have four seats each. The place that we'll be visiting is THE TIE BETWEEN US. Now that's settled, please open up page 55 on your Sci-Tech textbook" said Mrs. Huckleberry to her class. *sounds of finding the page told by the professor*

Recess Time.....

"Hey, Jaxon! Did you hear?" asked Caroline in excitement.

"What are you talking about?" asked Jaxon back, curiously.

After that, Caroline explained the whole thing. "Woahhh, that's epic! A nice way to spend time with your girl---". Jaxon stopped halfway at his sentence and covered his mouth immediately to not finish his words.

Caroline was so distracted by a beautiful butterfly, she didn't even notice that Jaxon was talking to her. When she heard Jaxon sighed, she asked, "Huh? Did you say something? Can you repeat it?". " said your hair is shining today!!" said Jaxon with relief. "Ohh, thanks!"

Jaxon's POV

Thank the Lord! Thank god she didn't listen to what I was saying a few moments ago. Phew!!!

"Hey, Jaxon! Why don't we go on the four-seated bus? Would you like that?" Caroline asked me.

No, I would prefer the two seated ones.

"Yea, sure! You can bring along your brother and your ex!! But wouldn't it be...I don't know....weird?" I asked, hoping she would change her mind.

"Nonsense! Wait a minute....are you trying to make me go on the two seated buses?" asked Caroline with a cheeky smile.

"No! Noooooo! W--why would I do such a thing?"

"I don't know. Maybe because you like me?" Caroline shrugged.

"I never said that!" I denied it while feeling my face heat up a little.

"Ermm..erm...y--yo---you have a boyfriend! Y--you gotta stay loyal!!!" I told her while almost choking myself for being so nervous.

"Correction, it's EX. He's D-E-A-D, remember?" Caroline spelled it out.

"Uhh...yeah, right! I forgot about a while...sorry?" I asked with puppy eyes.

"Hmph...fine...apology accepted! But seriously, it's not your fault though. It was probably mine or maybe Jesus just had other plans for him" said Caroline with watery eyes.

"I didn't say sorry for that, I said I'm sorry that you've lost such a great guy!"

"So, this is your charm, huh?"

"Why? Did it get you?" I asked while smirking at her.

"Me? Not even a bit! You've gotta try harder, Jaxon" she teased.

"Aww, man!! Well, sucks to be me...I guess?"

Then, they both laughed.

The Field Trip Day

In the four seated buses.....

"Wow, literally no one is here.....I mean yet! Are we too early, guys?" asked Caroline's ex worriedly. "Of course not! The bus is about to leave, dumb ghost!" said Joel as he rolled his eyes towards Caroline's ex. Her ex then glared at her brother.

"Where's Jaxon? Do you think he went on the other bus?" asked Caroline. "Perhaps, he has a girl or some other friend to go sit with, did you think of that, sis?" "Not at all," said Caroline. "Maybe there isn't a place called The Tie Between Us and this is all a trap!" said Caroline as she was imagining the worst scenarios in her head.

"Sorry guys! I missed my bus to school" said Jaxon who just arrived. "A-are they h--h--here?" asked Jaxon while sitting beside Caroline. Caroline nodded as a yes and held Jaxon's hand to calm him down. Then, Joel whispered something to Caroline's ex that Caroline couldn't hear.


This is what he whispered, "You do know why we're here, right? So, you better not mess this up for me! We need to KILL THEM TONIGHT! We only have this one night, so just follow my lead if something has gone wrong! Oh, and most importantly, do not let Caroline know about this under any circumstances! Got it?!

Back to reality

The buses started to move to the venue. The journey was long and quiet. After 30 minutes, Caroline fell asleep on Jaxon.


"DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT IT!" said both of the Joels.

As the hours pass by, even Jaxon fell asleep on Caroline. Both of the Joels were sleeping peacefully as well. Meanwhile, the buses have already reached their destination.

When the four-seated-bus stopped moving, Jaxon was the one to wake up first in their group. "Hey, Caroline..... we're already here," Jaxon told Caroline. Caroline yawned softly. "Oh, hi Jaxon....why do you have a crown?" asked Caroline while rubbing her eyes. "Well, good evening to you too! If you could just wake up from your sleep, everything will be more clear to you" answered Jaxon.

"Carry me down," said Caroline.

" want me to do what now?" asked Jaxon with full of confusion.

"Please carry me to the campsite, I'm still....sleepy," said Caroline in her sleepy voice. "Well, at least now I know who's the heavy sleeper" Jaxon chuckled. Then, Jaxon called out for Caroline's ex and her brother to wake up as well. I mean, Caroline is not the only heavy sleeper here, ya know?

Anyways, after that, Jaxon carried Caroline to the campsite in bridal style. Meanwhile, Caroline's ex and her brother were walking behind Jaxon and...I don't know what they were doing but they were walking like zombies coming to eat your brains. You should've seen their faces! They.....were....priceless!!

Night time.....

As usual, they put up the tents, put on the fire, and blah...blah....blah. They even sang NURSERY RHYMES! What were they? 5? Whatever! Throughout the whole sing-along, Caroline didn't see her ex and her brother. By the way, as for the tent partner, Caroline was paired up to sleep with Jaxon.

He he he.....*clears throat*

Moving on!!

Caroline's ex and brother didn't come back to the campsite. Whatever they were doing, they must've wanted to succeed in it. Even if they did explain it all to Caroline, she wouldn't interfere in their matter. Caroline would still love them no matter what! Even if it involves some danger like killing or whatsoever.

With Joel and Caroline's ex

"Are you sure that you wanna do this?" asked Caroline's ex. "Positive! I need revenge! He can't just come back as someone else! What did you expect? For me to just sit around and watch? I mean, come on! He cursed me to not live!! He didn't even give me a chance to live! He had no right to do that!! I wanted to feel my mother's love! Have freedom! Or even at least have a CHILDHOOD!!" Caroline's brother cried.

"Alright, I'll use some of my powers as well"


"Pain, torture and curse"

"Sounds fine to me!

"Let's do this together!"

"Together!!" they cheered.

"Just you wait, Micheal! I will destroy you like how you've destroyed me!!"

"Wait! Joel! Who's this mysterious man?" Caroline's ex asked while scratching the back of his head, try'na think of the name.

"Not man, teenage boy. As is Jaxon"

"Dudeeeeeee.......that's sooooo messed up, like seriously!! I mean, I think Caroline has feelings for him! But still! It doesn't make any sense! Are you sure?"

"I'm a soul who wants revenge! OF COURSE, 'm SURE!! NO MORE QUESTIONS! If my instincts are right, Jaxon will wake up any minute by now, knowing that we're here"

"Alrighty then....whatever you say" Caroline's ex shrugged.

As Caroline's brother had predicted, Jaxon did wake up first. He then walked towards the jungle.

"STOP RIGHT THERE!" said Caroline's brother in an angry tone. "I know who you are, you can't hide now!!" he continued.

"Finally! What took you so long? Yep, you're right! I can't hide anymore. But actually, I wasn't hiding at all! I was just...waiting. Oh, looks like you've brought a friend. I think you've come up with a plan. However, I think you do not know one little detail.....I'm a grim reaper now!!" said Jaxon as he laughed evilly.

"Wha.....what?!?!" said the both of them.

"Now, run along. I wanna have some sleep....beside your sister" said Jaxon.

"No, you won't! Let's fight and finish this once and for all! I don't care if you're someone who would take souls away and someone who has a rank higher than me!! You'll get what you're supposed to get years ago. Yes, I did kill you but it seems to me that it wasn't enough!! So, you're in?" Caroline's brother challenged Jaxon.

"Bring it on!!" said Jaxon a.k.a Micheal. Caroline's brother began to say some prayers, "Dewler laceter almino alga tacora". After that, they started the fight. The fight went on for about an hour without stopping.

"Tired? Just give up!" Jaxon told Caroline's brother.

"No! I think it's time. Joel, let's do it!"

"Okie dokey! I was hoping that you'll say that" replied Caroline's ex.

After hearing those words, Caroline's brother immediately paralyzed Micheal as it was the first step from their plan. Then, Caroline's ex cursed Micheal, gave him pain, and lastly, tortured him.

"Well, look at who's on the ground now? It's M-I-C-H-E-A-L!! FINALLY!!!!" said Joel as in Caroline's brother. "H--help...m---me" cried Jaxon while suffering. "P---please!" pleaded Jaxon as in Michael.

"Just suffer! Or even better, just die here! Do you know what my sister had to suffer? Most importantly, what my mum suffered?! If Caroline knew that you had disguised as Jaxon, she'll go crazy!! She had a terrible childhood because of you! If you didn't play that dumb game, none of this would've happened!! Do you know what's worse? You didn't even give me a chance to live. Not even once! I suffered a lot but were enjoying your life. So, seeing you suffering the second time right in front of my eyes doesn't matter to me! Now, my soul will finally rest in peace. DIE YOU UGLY BEAST!!!" said Joel to Jaxon.

Jaxon's blood was all over the jungle's pathway. The blood was spreading fast. In the end, Jaxon was dead and Michael's soul vanished into thin air.

"What now?" asked Caroline's ex.

"Now, it's time for me to say my last goodbye. I'm leaving after Caroline's field trip. That means tomorrow. Oh, and get rid of the body. I don't want my sister to freak out. Don't forget to erase everyone's memory about Jaxon! I'll go and get ready for tomorrow" Joel sighed.

"Thank you for everything," said Caroline's ex.

"No! Thank you! Because of your help, WE defeated Micheal together!" Joel replied.

"Bro's forever?" asked Caroline's ex. Joel laughed.

"Till the end of my chapter"
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