The Unborn Joel

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The Last Goodbyes

After the field trip.......

The next morning

"Welp, I guess this is where it all ends, huh?" asked Caroline as she sadly faced her brother.


"My ex told me. So, you're the one who killed Jaxon a.k.a Michael, right?"

"How did you----"

"I'm immune to your powers, silly. I.....guess I've never really told u that, huh?" Caroline frowned.

"No, you didn't....tell me about that" Joel said.

"I'm happy that you're leaving because now you can finally rest in peace. Your soul.....I mean. Hahhh....another day seeing you going away, isn't that fun? Leaving your sister...I mean your psychotic sister alone" Caroline said as she looks up at the sky with teary eyes.

"I'm's just really hard going away knowing that I won't be able to see you for the rest of my life" Joel sighed.

"I love you and don't worry, I'm not the emotional type. Besides, I've seen you grow up, and as I's just a----".

"Another day, I know. I love you, sis"

"I love you too. May God bless you, always."


They hugged each other for the last time. Both of them tried so hard to let go. The bond between them was stronger than ever. Knowing that Joel didn't have much time to say goodbye, Caroline loosened her grip on her brother, let go of him, and smiled widely.

"Goodbye," she said, gently wiping off the tears were rolling down her face.

"Goodbye, sis".

Just like that, Caroline watched her brother disappear into thin air.

Caroline ran to her ex and started bursting into tears. Joel patted her back to calm her down and whispered to her ear, " He'll be back baby girl".

"Wh--what?" Caroline asked through her tears.

"This is not the end, baby. It is just the beginning of his journey".

To Be Continued~

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