Dark Angel

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The origin story of the antagonist, Markus, the dark angel. Prequel to Light Angel (Published At A Later Date) After suffering from hate, abuse, suffering, and loneliness through all his life, he finally wished of what he never expected to feel: "I wanted to see all of them suffer...I now wanted them to writhe in agony eternally while the whole world ignores them." One night, his deceased grandfather told him about the magical books on another plane of existence that can transform him, but what cost is to him to get that power?

Horror / Fantasy
Ace Melee
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Author's Note

Author’s Warning: This book contains strong language, violence, blood, gore, fear, fantasy, death, [mentions of] self-harm, and abuse (Sexual, Emotionally, Verbally, and Physically). I was wary of publishing on a public platform, even though I set it on mature content. If you are sensitive to this content or find details disturbing, stop reading. I do not promote these kinds of actions. If you find yourself being abused or struggling with depression and self-harm, don’t be afraid to call for help.

Dark Angel is the Prequel to Light Angel (Will published after finishing and it is lighter) and the origin story of the antagonist. There are disturbing scenes in all three parts. The point of view will change in every chapter to get the perspective on Markus’s actions (Antagonist) impacted himself, an acquaintance (Harry), and a family member (Alicia).

I do not promote any actions in this story alone. If you are planning to do something unpleasant, don’t. I will not be held responsible for any actions you take. Again, you have control over what you read and you can back out of it at any time you feel uncomfortable. I am not a teacher, neither is this an English classroom where you have to read the assigned books. This is for horror purposes and is all fictional. Don’t take this too seriously, please.

My Wattpad DM is available (or the comments) if you want to ask something, say an opinion, or complain about a scene in the story. Just remember to choose wisely if something is personal.

This book is written by me and should not be copied without permission. This includes audio, translation, and taking parts of the story. If I find out it was taken or posted somewhere else without my permission, all I can say is the person held accountable would be prosecuted.

For those who stuck around to read my note, thank you, and those who slide to skip this part (And didn’t heed the warning), good luck. Welcome to Hell and read at your own peril.

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