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Chapter 2

I drove slow and cautious while looking down every side street and alleyway we passed. I was looking for a route to my office building.
The streets were dark and rain subsided to a sprinkle.
I adjusted the wipers to a slower setting trying to make it easier to see through the curtain of raindrops casting in front of the truck headlights. It didn't help. The slimy consistency was drying up quickly and smearing a pasty goop onto the glass.

"Turn here! Turn!" Jesse commanded sitting straight up with a pointed finger.

I hit the brakes and our heads jerked.
It was hard to see out the passenger window but it looked like an empty alley way between two buildings.
Besides a dumpster and a few boxes, I think I can make it.
" It looks clear, a little too clear, if you ask me" Addy said mumbling the second half of the sentenced.
She turned and gave me a look that said 'think about this'
I knew she was scared. Really scared. We all were but Addy was quite the baby before we had blood sucking, flesh eating , ragey zombies running around.
She was terrified of the dark and always left lights on around the house. It didn't bother me like it would have with someone else because she was Addy. A sweet little scaredy cat that could never be alone, or in the dark, and would always have outrageous electric bills following her, anywhere she went. But also, and more importantly... who was always there for me and will always be there for me.
I gave her a wink once I realized she was still staring into my eyes, and patted her leg to give her the false sense of " I got this!"
"Turn." Jesse said under his breath continuing his gaze down the alley way. I slowly turned the wheel and accelerated.

I made the turn cautiously and squeezed past the objects, only scraping the dumpster a little on the passenger side.
" I think this is Broadway up he-"
The main street was just before us...


A huge crash-landed right on top of us.

"What the fuck!?" I screamed as I saw what could only be described as legs dangling in front of the windshield. It was a sight so out of place that it took a moment for my brain to register what I was seeing.
Thick, swollen, bloody legs were oozing mucus and pus across the glass. The smut mixed with sprinkles of rain leaving a gelatinous rainbow-shaped blur under the wipers.
As the legs continued to kick and prod against the windshield, my immediate reaction was to hit the brakes. A large body flung to the ground, and settled beneath the headlights before coming to a stop. It's body remained motionless and for a second, I thought, maybe, I killed it. But then, it's body began to jerk ever so slightly. The jerks became more and more aggresive in the most unnatural way. It looked as if strings were attached to it's joints as they bumped up and down with intensity, like a marionette puppet.

I felt the brick of dread sink deeper into the pit of my stomache.
It slowly lifted its torso and began to turn it's head towards us. We could hear cracking and popping as the thing twisted and pulled itself up to a stand.
The rain picked up again. The splats pounded the truck harder and harder.
We all froze.
"What is that?" Jesse said.
Our eyes as big a saucers, I held my finger up to answer. Then froze again.
My eyes scoured for the outline of it's body, in an effort to anticipate it's next move. It was difficult, as parts of the zombies body swung in and out of the light harmoniously trading places with the parts that were shrouded by the darkness.
It completed its turn and centered its feet facing us head on. The rain splatters had subsided and dwindled into a soft chatter against the truck.
It's head bobbed into the ray of light and its shredded face came into focus, I lost my breath. The eyes of the beast pierced through the vail of rain shimmering through the headlights.

It stood in front of the truck staring directly at me. As if it was completely aware of the terror its causing. Its body was huge and pieces of skin hung from open holes of torn flesh from it's exposed skin.
I could tell it had been an old lady in its past life. She was plump and short and missing parts of her face and neck.
Her bloody floral patterned mu-mu dress was tattered and torn. It hung from one shoulder displaying her giant old lady bra strap on the other. One of her enormous breasts would have been completely naked if it hadn't been eaten to shreds.

The zombie stood there motionless. Glaring at us wanting us to make a move. The bridge of it's nose bone was exposed and the little bit of skin that was still attached between the eyes began to wrinkle up lifting a small flap of skin with it. It snarled and grunted like it was sniffing the air. White puffs of air escaped through the curtains of dangling skin from around it's lips.

"Hit that mother fucker, Cali!" Jesse's voice pierced my eardrum.
Without hesitation, I slammed the pedal to the floor.
I thought for sure we were going to collide.
But with one swift motion, it leaped onto the hood of the truck and onto the roof.
Footsteps banged and dented the metal above us.
I again hit the brakes expecting the granny zombie to fly off the truck again, but instead, it hung onto something and began banging its fist onto my window.

Break...gas ....break...gas...


It wasn't working. It continued to bang more and more forcefully.

I came to the main street. I jerked the wheel to the right almost hitting a parked car on the corner.

As I veered onto the street I managed to get the truck straight and floored it again.
Cars were peppered on the small city street.
I yanked the wheel left and right, just inches away from smashing into cars and debris.

Bang...bang.bang..bang........ The bangs got louder.
It wouldn't give up.
My window cracked and splintered. Bang...bang
The window folded in like a piece of paper with glass stuck to it.
One hand was on the wheel, the other was trying to hold the window up between me and the granny zombies giant fist.
The cold slimy hand swatted at me.

"AAAAAAAAAH!" We all screamed and yelled obscenities. I fought for my life.
Jesse was fighting too, he moved behind me and began punching at the zombie's grabs.
Addy reached for the wheel and began steering.
Jesse belted out...
I reached for it, on my lap. It wasn't there.
I ducked my head down and felt the floor beneath me. Its bloody arm slapped around trying to find me.
"THE HAMMER!"He screeched again.

I leaned down to reach further under the seat.
Addy yanked the wheel, the truck squirreled left to right. My fingertips slipped across something cold and metal, it's the head of the hammer. It was just out of reach.
The window is crumbling all over my lap and Jesse was losing the swatting battle.

The breath was knocked out of me.
We had hit something and came to a stop.
The truck sputtered then stalled.
The impact jolted us and caused me to feel dazed for a moment. We sat still. Gathering my bearings I leaned into my seat and looked down at my body.
Ok, there's no blood. I'm ok. I think
For just a split second panic escaped me then came fludding back.
Oh shit! The zombie! Where'd it go?
I looked left and right and saw nothing.
Addy groaned
"Are you ok?"
Before she said a word Jesse slid to the other side of the truck and answered with
"Where the fuck is it?"
We heard a hissing then scratching fingernails on metal.
A disgusting crazed face slowly came into view above my door frame where the window once was. It scraped and slid its fingers up the door as if it was taunting us.
I leaned my body as far to the right as I could, and reached under the seat.

"Oh fuck!" I screeched as I extended my reach.
The granny zombie grabbed ahold of my arm and chopped down on to it. It munched down several more times before I was able to break free of it's grasp.
Everybody screamed, drowning out the bellows the zombie was making.
I snatched the hammer, lifted it as high as I could and began to pummel the zombies head. A wringing sound took over my thoughts as something came over me. The chaotic thrashing the hammer into the zombies head. in the head over and over until brains and mush bled into my lap. The zombie's head and upper body hung motionless over the door panel above my lap. I ferociously swiped my legs trying to push the brain matter and skull pieces to the floor.

I pulled my arm up expecting to see chunks of muscle and sinew hanging.
But there was nothing there. The skin was not broken skin. Just a few streaks of smeared blood.
" What the hell?"
I was stunned. I turned my arm left to right, frantically inspecting every inch.
" What the hell?" I said again, this time adding a snorted laugh.
" What's so goddamn funny?" Jesse belted out sounding not the least bit amused.
"Hold on!"
I grabbed a chunk of the zombie's bloody gray hair to inspect what was left of its mouth. As I yanked on the head the left side of the jaw bone dislodged from the ear, leaving the right side still attached and dangling freely. I saw no teeth. Nothing but gumline.
I chuckled out a scream. I couldn't help but laugh.
I glanced over to Addy
Who had her hands over her face silently howling between breaths. She was terrified

"Oh my god you guys, she must've had false teeth before she turned, and the dentures fell out."
"Oh, shit no way, Cali! Are you serious!?" Jesse said in amazement.
Her face
"Really?" Addy said yanking my arm closer to investigate.
"There's nothing there, see, I'm ok."

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