Happy ever after?

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After losing both his wife and daughter, a man descends into indescribable grief. He refuses to settle with the dark void growing within him. He wants his family back. To what extent he’d go to get them back? How’d he be able to relive the moments of his life where his family was together—happy and alive? – You’re not with me alive, so what? At least your corpses are still with me.

Horror / Drama
S. R. R
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The world didn’t accept me. You know why?

They saw me through disgusted and heinous eyes; they saw me through a distorted and broken lens – cursed. You don’t see me like that, do you, honey? No, you can’t, and you don’t. How could you, when you love me so much, with every ounce of your soul, with every piece of your being. And do you know how happy you get me with that one smile of yours that stretches on your lips every time your eyes meet mine? Eyes that glint and cast its gleaming radiance all over the bleak and rusted parts of mine.

But why are those eyes close now? What’s wrong, dear? Are you sleeping?

No, don’t sleep, don’t close those eyes. I can’t bear it, honey, closed eyes make me anxious. I’ve seen countless eyes closing, but never opening. But you’ll definitely open them back, right?

Hey, come on, open them. Don’t make me anxious, please? Are they too heavy? Do you need help? Here, let me help you, let Dad help you.

Slowly, slowly, and here they are! That’s my good girl! Oh, why do they look so droopy? Are you upset because Daddy left you alone at home again? You didn’t eat anything, right? Look, how frail you’ve become, you look dry as a bone. Don’t do this to yourself, honey.

You were scared? Oh, don’t be, love, I’m not going to repeat old mistakes. Those monsters won’t be able to come and get you again, I promise. Now, cheer up, cause Daddy has got good news for you. Guess what is it. I’m sure you wouldn’t be able to guess, but still, try it.


Nope, that’s not it. Come on, love, you’re not even trying. Giving you a last chance, then I’ll tell you the answer.

No, honey, you lost. Okay, okay, telling you, telling you… so the news is – Daddy got a job, finally! Oh, look at that beautiful smile. I knew you would be happy. Daddy has finally moved on, that’s what you wanted, right?

You know, people were saying cruel shits about me when they heard I was going to work at a bakery, they said things like, “What’s he going to bake with – flour or blood? I just pray we don’t have to have cakes of human flavoured.”

They are cruel, honey, they are really cruel! I hate them! They frame me for murders I didn’t even commit. But that doesn’t affect me anymore; I’ve got you, my little Princess, and I know you hate it when Daddy gets upset. Look, I’m not upset, Daddy is not upset. But Daddy is sad. You know why?

Your mother always wanted to see me settled in a decent life – she wanted to see me happy. But before she could, they took her away from me! They took her away from me! They didn’t even bother to tell me where she is, they knew, they knew I would bring her back to me. Just like I brought you back. They are fools! They think you’ll be happy in that rusty and stinky box. Huh! They are fools! And fools get scared easily…

Oh, look at that smirk, looks like my little princess knows what my plan is already. Such a smart girl, aren’t you?

But, love, don’t think that Dad is a bad guy, okay? I will not harm them, just scare them a little. Daddy can not harm anyone. You know that, right? But I need to keep them on the edge of my knife, or else they will keep on the edge of their knives – make them your victim before they make you theirs. But do you know a secret – Daddy is secretly scared of knives.

Shh! Don’t tell this to anyone. If people know where your weakness lies, they will attack you there until you’re bruised and bleeding, and defeated enough to give in.

What? Why are you laughing? You don’t believe me?

I don’t blame you though – a man who has a knife hiding under his clothes all the time, who would believe that man fears knives? But it’s true, I use them because they are the cheapest weapon available. But if someone tells me to stab with it, my body would start trembling and hands get sweaty. I’m afraid it hurts, they might get hurt, they might scream, they might lose blood, like you, like your mother. I hated it. I love you and your mother so much, and they took my love away from me. They say I killed you two, but I didn’t, honey. How could I – I’m scared of knives myself, and I loved you and your mother so much! Why would I kill you two?

Fools! What could they prove against me, huh? They are all barks and no bite.

But I don’t care anymore, I’ve got a life, a family to focus on instead. And now that I’ve taken the first step towards a better life, I know wherever your mother is at the moment, she is grinning from ear to ear. But, but whenever she’s happy, she runs to me to hug me – she wants to hug me now. I can see it. Her arms stretched out to wrap against my neck. Slowly reaching out to me.

Extending and extending… closer and closer,

but then stopped.

She can’t reach out to me; her eyes staring at me, desperate and vulnerable. They made her defenceless.

But I’ll get her power back. I promise I’ll get her back.

I promise, our family will be back together again. We’ll live a happy life together, again, and they won’t be able to steal you two away from me.

It will be a happy ever after.

I promise, honey.

I promise.

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