I Want The Fear To Stop

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Jessica has frightening dreams about a person, but she can't quite see who the person is, she tries to investigate this dream, little does Jessica know that the person and her need to work together to solve why they are together. Maybe a connection? They share a connection that both need to know so the person in her nightmares goes away. Read more to find out!

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I Want The Fear To Stop (Part 1.)

I wake up screaming and crying,” PLEASE, DONT DO ANYTHING TO ME, I’M BEGGING YOU!” My mom comes rushing to my room, she’s trying to wake me up, but I can’t move, I can’t move!

“Jess, Jess, Jess, wake up! Mother says.

I finally wake up and give my mom the tightest hug, “Mom, he’s trying to hurt me again.” I whispered. I look up at my mom and I can see the confusion on her face. She’s asking me a lot of questions, but I don’t have the energy to answer anymore, I calm down, “I’m sorry mom, it was just a nightmare..”

"Jessica, are you sure you okay? You've been acting all weird since you know, since your father died. You've been screaming everyday about someone who keeps harming you in your sleep."

"It's fine mom. Like I said, it was just a nightmare." I lay down again, and close my eyes. It was not a nightmare. I have been seeing the same person since dad died, but it wasn’t dad. Mom lets a big sigh and strokes my hair, then goes back to her room.

I wake up to the same dream again.

"You're always scared of everything, it was just a little cut." Said the voice.

"Leave me alone, please!" I cried.

There was silence.

"Can you at least tell me w-who you are..?" I was scared.

"The name's Ace. Don't ask any more questions." Ace lit up a cigarette.

"Why are you keeping me he-"

I felt a sharp pain on my left cheek, hot tears were rolling off my face. He just slapped me... he then stood up and grabbed a knife, he started to play around with it until he stabbed it on my hand. The pain was unbearable. I then woke up all sweaty, it was 8 a.m in the morning, time went so quickly.

"Well, it's time for breakfast" I say to myself. I went down stairs and saw my mother at the table drinking coffee, she looked worried.

"Jessica, we have to talk." Mother said.

"Yeah?" I replied. I sat down across from mom, she took a deep breath... my instincts told me that something bad was going to happen,

I was correct...

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