The mirror

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She was a quiet and shy girl but her life changes when she met Sam. He is the popular guy of the school. On her first day of the school ,she witnessed a murder. She got so shocked that , she didn’t tell anyone. Sam noticed her shocked face and confronted her. Sam use to read a lot of detective novels. He convinces her to tell him. They started spending a lot of time together. Meanwhile Leslie; childhood friend of Sam,who had a crush on him for so long ,decides to end their relation. She tried a lot and some even lead to many misunderstanding btw them. Her life turns upside down when she enters a file room. She saw an Apparition in the mirror hanging in there. She freaked out and fell on the floor unconsciously. Luckly ,sam heard some weird noise from that room and immediately enters. Anna tells sam everything afterwards..he founds that abit funny but later understands and they both started checking on that room. His best friend kevin also somehow helped him but later story took a great turn which gives an unexpected result which shakes sam and anna’s life to the core. Will they be together ?

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1 the first day

It was her first day at George Senior Secondary School . she was new to that city which means she hardly knew anyone there. Her name was Anna emmeter. She was a very quiet girl who likes to spend her time in reading books . she was was not excited to go to her new school.but who knew that this school will change her whole life forever .
So her entry in the class was not noticeable. She sat on the last bench as an ant sitting in the grass. An old lady enters the class holding books in one hand and a water bottle in other hand. She was miss swati james , but she was famous in school with the name indian teacher. She was the vice principal of their school and our new class teacher. She was known to be the most strict teacher of the school. Anna was also quite scared by her looks.
“good morning class. Myself Swati James. I will be the incharge of ur class for next two years.hope u all will enjoy this journey…..without wasting much time ,lets get straight to the point.i want proper discipline in my class regarding my rules and regulations . I wont allow u to sit with whomsoever u wAnna sit with.we can only study when we are away from our bestfriends. Ill arrange ur seats acc to myself and no one is allowed to question me regarding that……………bla blab la and the lecture continued…..”it was now time for arranging the seating plan of the class.the first name which was called out was sam. Sam was the most popular, smart, handsome and rich guy of the school. his grandfather is the owner of that school. He was considered as the coolest guy too.everyone wanted to be friends with him.
Sam was made sit on the third bench . he was expecting a cool patner but indian teacher’s decision surprised him.he was made to sit with Anna .he was left speechless coz Anna neither looked cool nor smart.he shouted aloud “I don’t wAnna sit with this nurde .she sucks!!!” indian teacher didn’t even reacted on his words.she just continued her work.devastated sam just sat on his seat and made a weird face . Anna quietly sat on her seat .they barely talked .somehow the time passed and the recess came; everyone hurried towards the canteen. Anna sat on a table alone next to the corner,but sitting on that table was her another mistake.that table was the permanent place for Leslie and her gang.Lesli was a rich and a fashionable girl of the school.she arrived and stood next to the table and started making fun of Anna . later she picked up a jug full of water and threw that on her .bulling the new one was like a tradition in their school.this jug drove down all the emotions of Anna .
she just ranned from the canteen crying towards the washroom. On her way back to the class a teacher hand her some files and directs her the way to the room where she was supposed to keep them. She went to that place and kept those files, but this time another thrill awaited for her. She got lost in those cooridors of the school. That section of the building was mostly empty coz it was used to store files .so there was a rarely a chance to get a help.
She shouted so that she could find anyone who could help her to get out of there.she roamed here an there but no way seemed right.suddenly she was strked by a metal rod on her head which made her sight a bit blur for sometime, her knees were slowly bending .but in the mean time she saw a person killing a girl of there school with a hot metal rod .before she could findout what was going on she fainted.
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