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Josh & Aid, ASWANG

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When one morning a little girl is found lifeless on the shores of Lake Brook with her insides torn apart and missing, Joshua Dawson and Aidan Reid only have until the next full moon to prevent the killer monster from searching for its second victim.

Horror / Fantasy
Lentera Langit
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Anna Rosie is a young woman who is very concerned about her health. For years she has never touched junk food. Her fridge is filled with vegetables, fruit, minerals, milk and smoothies that she made herself. There is not a drop of alcohol in her house.

Every morning at 5:30, Anna goes out to jog, and today is no different. The morning weather is colder than usual as it rained all night. Anna runs along the edge of the forest behind her house, and then she turns toward the lake. Sometimes she stops to look at the fog floating above the lake surface. She loves enjoying the silence that the morning brings about. Today, however, her morning will be very different.

Anna is now able to see the gray shores of the lake. She picks up her pace to get there soon. She runs towards the large tree where she usually stands still, staring at the surface of the water, until the fog disappears.

As she gets to the tree, Anna can see something lying next to sticking roots. She squint her eyes and tries to identify the object. She slows down and within ten meters she can recognize it. The heat from her fingers crawls all over her body, she feels it on her face, her hands cover her open mouth. For some time, she just stares at the lifeless body lying beside the roots of the tree.

The body was once a little girl wearing a white nightie. Her heads is lying to the side and her face is covered with hair. On her front, the red color has replaced the white color of her nightie. Someone or something took the girl’s internal organs. Instinctively Anna’s brain orders her to get away from there immediately. Anna turns and runs as fast as she can away from the place. The terrible image she just saw follows her every step along the way. However, the farther she is from that place, the more her sense returns, then she abruptly stops, grabs her cellphone, and calls the police.

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