The Driver

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A man gets kidnapped and something crazy happens.

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The Driver

The Driver

CRASH! Douglas knocked the door off of its hinges while screaming, “Phil? I have news! It’s important…”

Philip was watching TV while Douglas was in the other room making a YouTube video. Philip heard him yelling from the other room, “Phil! Come here. I need you!” Philip sighed and hopped off of the couch. He walked into the room and Douglas was dramatically laying on the bed.

“What’s up D,” Philip asked.

“I need a soda pleeease,” Douglas begged.

Philip rolled his eyes and replied with, “Is that seriously all you needed? Couldn’t you have come out here and gotten it yourself”

“Well… I wanted to stay in bed. And you were out there anyways,” said Douglas.

Philip replied laughing, “Gosh D, you’re so lazy.”

Philip walked out of the room and grabs a soda for Douglas when suddenly Philip heard a loud noise. CRASH! Douglas knocked the door off of its hinges while screaming, “Philip? I have news! It’s important…”

Philip sprinted to Douglas, but his foot gets caught on a cord and he flew through the air and into the wall. “Are you okay!” Douglas asked frantically.

“I’m fine D. What’s your news,” Philip groaned.

“Well, while I was making my youtube video, a twitter notification popped up and I clicked it. And… you should just read it,” Douglas said nervously. He showed Philip the tweet:

“Hello there Philip. I was just thinking of you. I am so excited to see you later today. We are going to have fun! Watch you later! Bye Philip… *kissy face*”

Philip laughed nervously. “Well that was um odd? Maybe that wasn’t meant for me…” he said. Suddenly Philip and Douglas heard a sound at the window. They rushed over there and saw someone throwing pebbles at it. They yanked the curtains closed and sprinted to the couch.

“Um Phil, I’m pretty sure that was meant for you. What should we do,” Douglas stated. Philip started to walk back over to the window, when Douglas grabbed his arm and yanked him back to the couch. “What are you doing Phil,” he yelled.

“Checking to see if the person is still there! Why,” Philip questioned.

“What if they throw a bigger rock? And it hits you and they take you,” Douglas screamed.

Philip replied, “I think you’re being a LITTLE bit paranoid D. I’ll be fine! I’m just gonna peek out the window and come back. Why don’t you lock the door just in case?” Douglas exhaled and walked to the door to lock it, while Philip peeked out the window.

Philip opened the window and said, “See D? There’s nothing even th-” Suddenly Douglas saw Philip being dragged out of the window. He ran over to get him, but he was too late. He saw a white van screech off and leave its tire tracks behind.

Douglas ran out of the apartment complex and dashed to his car. He sped off and chased down the van.

He caught the van a couple of miles away. He rammed into the bumper, and both the van and Douglas’s car flew into the steel beams. Douglas sprinted over to the driver’s side of the care to see if they were there. On his way over to the passenger’s side, he heard a rustling sound coming from the trees. He tiptoed over toward the sound and came upon a human figure. He followed it and then out of nowhere tackled it and flipped it on it’s back.

“Get off of me,” it screamed.

“Phil?! What are you doing,” Douglas hollared.

“Uh what are YOU doing? You’re the one who tackled me,” Philip stated.

Douglas replied, “I mean Phil, why are you out here? What are you doing?”

“I saw the man that took me run over here. I’m going to go confront him and make sure he never does it again,” Philip said with a tear in his eye. Douglas tried to hold Philip’s arm, when suddenly, he sprinted in the direction of the driver. Douglas chased after him until he saw the two of them. He saw Philip take something shiny out of his pocket.

“I’ve got you now. I’m going to make sure it never happens again,” Philip screamed while stabbing the driver in the chest. Philip dropped the knife and fell back against the tree, sobbing. Douglas slid over to Phil, picked him up and carried him to the car. Douglas buckled them both up and sped home.

They reached the house and Philip walked in and just sat on the couch with a blank expression on his face. The color from his face had ceased itself, as he was as pale as a ghost.

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