The Texts

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A girl gets a strange and scary text.

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The Texts

The Texts

I threw my backpack on the floor, flopped my body on the bed, and started to play a game on my phone. It buzzed. I checked the message.

“Hey there honey”

I just deleted the text thinking it was the wrong number. Then my phone buzzed again.

“Don’t you dare ignore me!”

The pit in my stomach twisted and turned. I responded with,

“Who is this?”

I decided to take a nap and hope this would all just go away. But when I woke up, my phone was blown up by texts.

“It doesn’t matter who I am”

“I see you”

“Sleep sweet princess”

“You sleep so beautifully”

I suddenly got all nervous. My stomach hurt so badly that I screamed in agony that I started to sweat. I looked out the window, but there was nobody outside! My phone buzzed again! I looked at it to see what it said.

“Why are you sweating? There’s no need to be afraid!”

I called the police and I explained to them what was happening. I could hear snickering on the other side of the line… I asked, “What do you find so funny about this?!” They responded, “Maybe it’s just a prank.” *line clicks off* Great, they hung up.

“You better keep your mouth shut about me, or bad things are going to happen!”

I tried to call the police again, but the service cut out suddenly. I walked to the sidewalk and there was a car down the street that looked suspicious. I slowly backed up inside, but when I got back, there was already a hand over my mouth.

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