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A butterfly with a broken heart

Horror / Adventure
Chuma Mphande
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A butterfly🦋 heart❤

Once upon a lonely butterfly, flying through the sky where she met a soul she called lomfl🖇💘.
I was deeply in love that not even the rain drops can seperate me from my love. But my love for him made me a phyco. I didn't know how to control it, it was like i was charmed or something.
We got closer and closer each day, but everything changed in one day. He looked in my eyes, made me weak by his touch, but one thing I didn't know is that he didn't feel the same way I felt for him.
I was madly in love with him that I would take a bullet for him. I would be his slave/maid to make him happy but didn't realize how deep and strong my feelings were growing for him till on day our lips met each other. That was the moment my heart beat changed.. It's rate was so fast that I couldn't understand my self.

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