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The virus was horrific she'd been placed in the centre of it all how would she survive through it all

Horror / Romance
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Chapter 1

It was 3012 the world had ended from how we knew it, exactly a year ago a nuclear power plant the last open one had leaked the workers were working at the time an earthquake caused the leak the workers had gone crazy, and the radiation had turned them into flesh-eating creatures they tried to quarantine the powerplant but that caused more people to become infected the virus spread quickly throughout the country and then throughout the world leaving few survivors behind I was one of the few left, My name is Yan-Sun I lived in Ulsan but ever since the apocalypse started I’ve travelled to Busan.

I wake up from the daylight shining through the window I had barricaded all the doors and the windows on the first floor I stood up and stretched I grabbed my bat I looked out the front door and only saw two of the creatures and worked out a path to my car I walked out with my backpack full of supplies and got my bat ready one ran toward me and I hit it repeatedly in the head with my bat and did the same with the other then walked to my car just before I got in I saw a hoard running toward me, my car has blacked out windows so they shouldn’t attack the car I quickly got into the car before any could attack, fuck I’m surrounded I knew I should’ve been more careful, I see the monsters begin falling one by one with what looks like they’re being shot, which means theres either another survivor around here or I’m going crazy and hallucinating I look out my window to see if I can see anyone, I can’t I stand up and open the sun window I look at the rooftop of a building and see a man up there with a gun i look at him confused before getting back into my car and closing the sun roof i drive over to the building and look around they barricaded the doors i go around the back of the building with my bat and walk in i go up the stairs to the roof top and see him there he has short brown hair and a strong phisique he looks at me, i smile at him he waves at me i walk toward him and sit beside him “Hi” i say “Hello, you don’t have to talk to me just because i saved you from the zombies” i look at him “you think I’m just talking to you because you saved me? You didn’t even save me I could’ve dealt with that myself it wouldn’t be the first time.” he looks at me and laughs “with how malnorished you look i don’t know how you’ve survived this long” i glare at him and clentch my fist if he continues I’ll show him how i survive a girl walks through the door and i grab my bat as defense incase she’s infected he chuckles “She’s chill she’s a survivor” he says to me and then he stands up so i do the same the girl glares at me he looks toward me and says “Follow me you obviously haven’t spoke to anyone in a long time” i glare at him again and follow him down the stairs he opens a strong vault door that opens up to a large room with a tunnel that goes down into the ground he goes down the ladder first i follow shortly after i see tons of people theres many rooms and theres weapons down here he walks off and i loose him in the crowd of survivors a girl with white hair and a pixie cut walks up to me “Hi! You must be new! Did Dylan Bring you?” she had a strong British accent “Hm?” i spot the guy who brought me down here and point to him then say “He brought me down here” she smiles at me and nods “Yep that’s Dylan, It sounds just like him to not introduce himself, Want to go to the cafeteria?” i smile at her and nod and she brings me to a large room with lots of tables and chairs then takes me to where they get the food from and asks me “What food do you like?” i look at her and respond with “I’m not very fussy” she smiles at me and grabs me a slice of lasangne and passes it to me i take it and we walk to a table together “I’m Lana by the way” i smile at her and say “Nice to meet you Lana I’m Yan-Sun” i see Dylan walk past us then after he gets his food he sits at the table too “Stop hitting on the new girl Lana” Lana smirks “She likes it” she responds with i blush at her comment and continue eating my food staying quiet “So where about did you live when the Virus begun?” Dylan asked “I lived in Ulsan” Dylan gets taken aback by this answer “Right where it happened, How the hell did you survive?” I look at him then look down at my food “Well when it first happened we were all quarantined in our homes then one day my family went out for our food and whilst we were at the store they both got killed by the flesh-eating monsters in front of me it broke me at first but after a while, I got over it, it was going to happen eventually anyway, whilst my parents held the monsters back I ran because they were slowly turning and I had no chance of survival if I stayed and I was always raised with them telling me to always fend for myself even if they got hurt because of it.” Dylan and Lana looked at me surprised “How the hell did you get over that? We were both on holiday here by ourselves and our parents were at home in Britain and they both passed and it killed us both inside but we were strong for each other, but you had nobody to stay strong with” I look at them and nod I stand up “So where about will I be staying?” I ask Lana stands up “follow me” she walked and held my hand I blushed whilst holding her hand and she climbed up a ladder I followed her up and it went into a hotel she went behind the desk and passed me a key “210" She smiled at me “I’m in 211” she then winked at me I blush once again and walk over to the stairs and she shows me to my room and I put my backpack on the floor of my room, it had a balcony I went outside and looked over, it was joint with her room I go back inside and lay on the bed its been a while since I’ve lied on a comfortable bed I opened the wardrobe and saw a beautiful long flowy red dress I took it out and laid it on the bed I went into the en suite and got into the shower I washed and brushed my teeth then i walk out and Lana is sitting on my bed she looks up and whistles at me i run back into the bathroom and wrap a towel around me then walk back into my room “Awh i was enjoying the view” she pouts and then giggles, i grab the dress go back into the bathroom and get dressed i walk back out and her jaw drops “Holy shit you look amazing” i blush and sit next to her on the bed she strokes my hair “you’ve gone through alot huh?” I look at her and smile “I guess so, but someone always has it worse” She looks at me confused then there’s a knock at my door I get up and open the door I see Dylan there he smiles at me and comes in my room he sees Lana and his face drops “Oh, hi Lana” I smile at him as he walks inside and sits next to Lana an awkward tension in the room “So, Yan-Sun if you would like you could have a shift of guarding the building tomorrow” Dylan says I look at him shocked that he just asked me if I wanted to guard the building and I’ve only been here for a couple of hours “I would but I don’t know how to use guns and I’ve only really ever used my bat as a defence” He looks at me and smiles “Theres a training arena downstairs you could train with me if you’d like” I respond with “Sure! why not” he smiles at me, its the first time I’ve seen him smile since I’ve been here “Ok your first training session starts tomorrow at 11 am, Don’t be late.” He says to me sternly I nod at him and he leaves I turn to see Lana had left as well she must’ve gone to her room from the balcony i lay on my bed and sigh it’s been a long time since I’ve spoke to anyone I forgot how tiring it is I yawn and stretch I get up and walk into Lana’s room she looks at me and stands up and walks over to me I smile at her she holds my hand and she looks down at our hands intertwined and then looks back up at me then she lets go of my hands and walks out of the room i look at the door and i see her face palm before the door completely closes and i stare at the door for a minute confused by her actions and go back on the balcony and go into my room i reach into my bag and get out a pencil and my sketch book and begin to sketch after a while i get bored so i decide to sketch Lana and it turns out well but i could definitely do better but it’s good enough i put my sketchbook on the side table next to my bed and then get pyjamas from my closet i get changed into them and lay back into my bed and stare at my ceiling for a while i can’t fall asleep the flashbacks of my parents being torn apart in front of me by those flesh eating monsters starts playing in my mind without noticing tears fall down my cheeks, we shouldn’t of left the house that day my parents would still be alive if we didn’t i feel a warm embrace around me as i fall apart “Shh it’ll be okay I promise, I’ll protect you” i hear sympathy and warmth in his voice, i cry on Dylans shoulder I’m so tired but more and more tears escape my eyes and i can’t hold them back maybe I’m not as strong as i have always portrayed myself to be as i was raised to be, maybe I’m weak...I fall asleep in Dylan’s warm embrace “It’ll all be okay I’ll make sure nobody hurts you” I hear him say before I fall unconscious in his arms

===========End Of Chapter One===========

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