Untitled storyThe Chilling White Terror

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While investigating a deadly mystery ,a scientist comes face to face with an unknown that is about to consume him.Or has he gone insane?

Horror / Scifi
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The Chilling White Terror

Sometimes,right before you are about to

die, mysteries are revealed to you.I am

standing on the crest of a wide snow

covered meadow at the foot of Mt.Dead

in the Russian wilderness.

The pure white snowy field is littered

with the crumpled corpses of twenty of

my fellow scientists and military

officials.We were here to maybe solve

the mystery of what really happened to

those nine Russian hikers back in 1959.

Instead, it happened to us.

I was the last one to answer the

emergency beacon. I was inspecting

some medical equipment that was

issued to me as the chief medical officer

on this mission. The Russian

government gave an international

camera crew access to the area of

that 1959 incident where nine

experienced young hikers were

killed under still unexplained


When the “all hands”alarm sounded

I meticulously put all my equipment

away, jumped on my assigned

snowmobile and raced through the

forest trail towards the campsite.

I am a surgeon and have witnessed

many shocking things but none as

explosive as the one I received when

I jettisoned from the forest onto the

meadow right at Mt.Deads’ base.

I was frozen.Not from the below

zero Russian temperature but of

what I now saw before me.

Eighteen men and women were

sprawled out grotesquely mangled

in the deep snow. I freeze. I am

afraid to move. I see no threat.

There are no footprints in the snow

other than my dead colleagues. I also

note that there could not have been

an avalanche because none of the bodies

were completely covered.

The wind started howling. Slightly

breezy at first but suddenly the wind

blowing down from the mountain

itself became much stronger. It was

silent though. I realized quickly that

two of the most widely theorized

causes for the 1959 calamity were

not what was going on now.

The wind was now turning into a

maelstrom.There were suddenly

snowflakes the size of apples flying,

swarming around me. It was not

snowing. It seems the quietly, howling

wind was lifting the ground-snow into the air all across the meadow.

My vision was almost zero. I realized

now at this critical moment that I

forgot my goggles.Of course that

would be a bad idea if I wasn't facing

immanent death.In the snowstorm that I

now find myself,I lift my hand over

my brow in a vain attempt to see

something. I do.

Standing over each corpse is a figure.

I see large creatures.Everywhere.There

is an emergency button under my

overcoat lapel. I grab hold of it but I

do not activate it.A military response

would bring other young lives in

danger.The Russian government was

right to close off this area.

I want to know what is happening.

I ease off the alarm button and await

my fate.

There is a noise at my feet and

suddenly I am face to the stomach of a

large white creature.When I looked up

onto the creatures’ face I saw something

familiar.But just like that, the thing was

gone.All the other meadow creatures

were gone also.The wind stopped and

the large snowflakes from hell floated

softly to the ground.That’s when I

heard it.Helicoptor rotors. It was the

military response to the first alarm

beacon.I was saved.Saved from what.

How do I explain this?Never go to the

Russian wilderness.Stay away from

Mt.Dead.What just happened here?

The End.GeorgeBMBrown.
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