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Unwanted Renovation

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Chapter 2 - Supplies

Several days passed and then the sound of a large truck coming through the small street of the neighbourhood broke the silence as a small convoy of vans and trucks followed behind, filled with workers and tools.

The elderly couple living across the road from the house where Rich and Ellie Loftin, they had been there for most of the new owners, spotted a few of them running out in the middle of the night and hauling ass out of the area for some unknown reason.

"Ellie that big shot brought a whole army of people with his this time to tackle that house" Rich shouted from within the living room as he stood there in his dressing gown, a large mug of coffee in his hand.

"Don't fret so much dear, just try to enjoy your coffee" Ellie replied from the kitchen where she was pouring out her own cup of coffee. "They'll be gone soon enough" she added as she walked into the living room.

"I suppose you are right dear" Rich replied as he took one more look before sitting down. "Just all that noise puts my dander up, you know that" he said looking at her.

"I know, I know, don't get too worked up. We are going out for a little bit anyway's so we don't have to contend with it for too long" Ellie said "You know how driving calms you"

"How long do you reckon they'll be there for?" Rich asked

"Not too long, that house doesn't want to be changed" Ellie replied

Pulling up in his truck Tom Haskell and his business partner Alex Rynder got out, hard hats in hand and began the task of giving out his orders. All the workers lined up as he discussed with them what he wanted to remove and what he wanted to keep, both inside and out.

"A skip will be delivered in a few hours so try to contain the mess to one area until then, okay guys" Tom said before ending the meeting.

"You think we'll be done within the time frame?" Alex asked.

"Sure thing buddy, it'll be all done and dusted and all according to plan, you just have to make sure it's within budget" Tom replied tapping his friend on the shoulder.

"Will try buddy, will try. At least you didn't go too overboard with this one" Alex replied.

"This house just needs a bit of TLC, that's all. Nothing a splash of paint, some sorted out fencing and some new electrical wiring won't cure" Tom said smiling "It'll be a piece of cake"

"Famous last words buddy, you know I'll get to say "I told you so" if you aren't right. This house had a lot of previous owners that's why we got it for a steal" Alex said.

"They were just D.I.Y. wannabe's buddy, a pipe dream of buying cheap and fixing it all up themselves. It gets a little hard to sort out themselves or the money gets a bit too tight and they bail, not wanting to get themselves into any more debt than they already are. Or it could just be a breakdown of the relationship between the couples or things like that. Any little bump on the road would wake them up and make them face reality. Wouldn't you be daunted if you were trying to fix this house up on your own, no outside help, no nothing?" Tom asked

"Yeah, yeah, I would. I get what you are saying buddy but you know how I don't like having to go over other people's work, especially those D.I.Y. fanatics who think they know everything. Remember that place we bought a few years back, the guy said that he rewired the whole house himself. All that wiring wasn't up to code, too much power went to any of those outlets it'd have gone up like a tinder box. That guy was lucky and so were we" Alex added

"Look, we are the professionals, we hire professionals. No half ass work here you know my standards when it comes to this sort of thing. If it's not done right I'll know, trust me. Now let's have a walk through our newest purchase okay, see if you can visualize what'll be like when it's all done, okay?" Tom asked

Alex just nodded and they made their way to the front door.

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