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100 missing people and no one know who's the killer. The people that seem to help may be the one killing you

Horror / Thriller
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Chapter 1

“50 people missing in the last 3 months in California “, the reporter announced. Everyone was talking the case. How could 50 people go missing with no evidence on what happened. It was clear that the killer knew what they were doing. Ther is heaps of cold cases where no one knows what happened but hardly of this quantity. Everyone was on edge and scared for their safety. People carried their guns on them more often and were more cautious but week after week more went missing. Amanda an old friend of mines mother died a few weeks ago she passed away from Dementia. This wasn’t suspicious we knew she was close to her time it was just a coincidence it happened around this mess. Amanda went missing a week later, she was one of the 50. Weeks went on with more cases reported. We had no bodies to do autopsy’s on to see how they were dying. I say we because it felt like 2 teams the living vs the killer. Like most cases they interviewed the family they all shared something in common. They all spoke about another family member or close friend passing a week before the disappearance of the victim. With this in mind I was sure that if no one I knew died neither would I. I shared my theory with those around me in the hope to help them relax every moment of the day. 6 months came around and so did the 100-missing people mark.

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