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Chapter 2

A guy reported yesterday afternoon to seeing his 2 brothers fall onto the table at the Funeral Directors when discussing the plan for their mothers funereal. He thought this was very unusual for both his brothers to pass out without waking up at the same time. The police started to investigate the funeral home. They couldn’t find anything wrong about the place or man in charge. A week later the police had found the secret killer the man with 100 free murders. This is what half the world was waiting for, who this was how they did it. The full story was being broadcasted the next night at 7pm.

The reporter started “A 35 year old man by the name Mark Simons was arrested for the disappearance of 100 victims in the state of California. He ran a funeral director in San Jose and was caught by recording devices planted by the police the week prior when conducting their search. He was seen to be putting a liquid now identified as Compound 1080 into the water that he served the clients. When Mark’s clients would come in he would offer then a cup of water. Everyone took water and sat down to plan the funereal. Mark acted like an ordinary man and even seen comforting the family. A hour later people started to fall onto the table in front of them. When all the clients were head first into the table he would drag them out to the back where the crematory was and cremate them. When questioned by police about where the ashes were buried he responded “I took them home and mixed them with concreate to make bricks”. Mark was sentenced to life

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