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Flower Power

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Three weeks, I've been in this room for three weeks. I need to get out of this room so I can reach Keifer and we can both leave. I hope it's not too late for both of us. I feel nothing but fear and anxiety, I haven't felt like this since I was a child. My lungs are heavy. Wait someones at the door, who is it, and what are they going to do to me?

Horror / Thriller
Flower Child
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When Genevieve Springs was born in Portland, Oregon, she went to school and lived a dull and typical life. But, her real name was Carol Smith. Genevieve wasn't the normal girl though her family would always judge her for what she wanted to wear and how she styles her hair. Springs never liked to dress in skirts and dresses.

Genevieve was her middle name but, no one would call her that. Anytime she would play by herself or write her name down, she always would say Genevieve Springs. Spring was her favorite month because of new beginnings and changes. The flowers around her home would bloom bright with fresh colors and incredible scents.

She dressed in boys' clothing and would keep her hair in buns or try to push them under hats. Her mother and relatives would talk down to her and put her down on her appearance. Telling her little girls must act like young ladies. Springs' father would spank her and tell her to act like a girl though, he didn't like hitting her.

She was just a child. He was the only person who treated her with kindness. They would have secret outings together, having small picnics, movie outings, and walked her to a park to collect different flowers to take home. Then, that all changed. Her father became ill, meaning no one would be there to care for her anymore. She stayed by her fathers' side, not knowing what to do but hope and pray he would get better.

Everyone around her started to treat her far worse. They began to push her around, beat on her which, never bothered her, though.
She grew used to the way her family treated her.

She cared about one thing only, the fact she didn't want her father to be in pain and to worry about her. All she did was stay by his side whenever everyone went out having fun. Springs would stay back, giving him the things he asked for. She told him funny stories, jokes and made sure he was comfortable.

When he passed, the funeral was quick. No one came to see him but their family. Her mother didn't wait for him to burry. She slept around and found a rich man who lived out of town. Her mother was barely home, leaving Genevieve to fend for herself. She didn't mind but was sad because the one person who made her feel happy and safe was gone.

She soon faced walking the streets and making friends with strangers not, knowing who these people and kids were, but she felt a connection to them. When she would hang out with them, she spoke to them about her life at home and how she wished to stay with them. They never did tell her what they were and how the people had lived. Cops soon came and gathered all the people up and brought her home. Her mother was furious with her and ended up beating her and wishing she died with her father.

Springs soon turned ten years old. Her mother's boyfriend took the three of them to Mexico City. One night while on a night out, they let walk ahead of them. But she soon realized she went too far ahead, turning around watching her mother hop in a car and drive off. She ran with tears in her eyes, trying to keep with the vehicle.

Her sight of the car disappeared she was lost and didn't know where to go. For the next year, Springs lived on the streets. She fought for shelter and food, soon meeting her companion. She was only twelve, and she was nineteen. They got married the following year, traveling around going back to the states, meeting people just like them. They started to travel between the states and Mexico.

They met people who were just like them, different, and abandoned. They soon began growing from a couple of people to a whole community. The group started too far and wide, telling people about their community and how they welcome those with open arms.

The group noticed law enforcement had been keeping an eye on surveillance on them 24/7. Springs came up with the idea to move them all to French Guinea. When they moved, they all planted flowers in a big patch of land. These flowers are for each person who lived there. The field grows each year. But once a body is gone, their souls are dug up and used for soaps, foods, and drinks for families or the whole community.

Genevieve Springs gives us all hope see, here we can be who we are. In the community you live in, people must be brave, comply with society's dictates, and be a perfect community. That community you live in must be tiresome and not the life you might want. If you feel like you don't explore your being and feel comfortable in the clothes, hair, and body you live in, then we have the place just for you.

At Indigofellow, you can live the life you want to live, have the relationships you desire, find your true happiness and goal in life. Women, men, and children all live together in peace and harmony. Responsibilities each person must keep up with are the jobs and duties we use to fund our home and community to grow and become more peaceful.

These duties include farming, making clothing, cooking, making furniture, and housing. We have a community garden and farm where we grow our food and clothing materials, a community hall, and more. Here we have a human-made pond in the back of our home for swimming and rituals. We do our ceremonies and gatherings on Wednesday evenings.

You get the chance and choice to house wherever you wish to live, as long as it's in our domain o land.

No technology is allowed on the grounds. We want to keep the place safe and tranquil with no negative words from the outside. We want to explore our spirituality and give our spirits the proper cleansing. Your happiness and value and self are what we want to bring out of you and what we value the most. If you wish to live here, we recommend only bringing the clothes on your back. Everything you will ever need in your new life is here.

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