Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Eleven

That was when a bright light appeared behind James. Laura and James looked at it. “I think saving me from Anthony was your unfinished business.” Laura told James before she smiled. “And you did that.”

James looked at the bright light. Before he could say anything, a teenage girl who looked exactly like Laura came out of it. She was wearing her prom dress and had a tiara on her head. The girl was smiling.

James’s eyes widened. “Jessica?” He asked. The girl nodded and continued to smile. James went up to her. “I never thought I would see you again.” James told her before the two shared a kiss. James then looked at Laura. “Thank you for your help.” He told Laura. With that, James and Jessica disappeared into the light.

Laura watched the light disappear before she turned around to walk back to the prom. She knew that she would be able to get back to normal life now.

That was when it happened, Laura felt a knife stab her in the back. She felt someone press up behind her, remove the knife and lower her to the ground. Her eyes widened. It was Ted. What was he doing all the way up there and why did he stab her in the back?

“Shhhh.” Ted whispered to Laura. “It’s best this way.” He shook his head. “I thought my uncle would be able to watch after you and make sure that nothing happened before you graduated.” Laura realized that Ted meant Mr. Thorton. “But now I have to do this because you know too much about my uncle.” Ted said before he shook his head again. “Now my uncle’s secret will die with you.” He told Laura before he raised his knife. “Like he said, everyone will think you were crazy and thought you were Jessica.” Ted said before he brought the knife down, ending Jessica’s life.

The next day, the newspaper read: New Girl Takes Her Life At Prom. Curse Of Jessica Smith At Work? Below it in a smaller title was: Principal Future resigns from school.

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