Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Two

The next day at school, Richie wasn’t paying any attention to his classes. He would just sit in his chair and daydream about running the Carnival of Delight. The attractions, the rides and the food he would have for it. He would make it the number one carnival in the whole United States, if not the world. He could see it easily happening.

His teachers could tell that they didn’t have Richie’s attention in their classes. Most of them were just going to ignore him. They were used to it. The only one who wasn’t about to put up with it, Mr. Bruno, gave him detention after school. Mr. Bruno wasn’t sure if Richie had paid attention when he had told the sixth-grader that he had detention but he would make sure that Richie was there for detention.

At the end of the school day, as Richie was trying to leave, a hall monitor stopped him. “You have detention Richard.” The hall monitor reminded Richie.

Richie frowned. What detention? He didn’t remember getting detention that day. “What are you talking about?” He asked the hall monitor. “I didn’t get a detention today.”

The hall monitor crossed his arms over his chest. “I was told by Mr. Bruno to make sure you reported to detention today for not paying attention in class today.” He explained to Richie. “Now go to detention.”

Richie couldn’t believe it. He had detention for not paying attention in class? Sure he might not have been paying attention but who could? The carnival was going to be in their town that weekend and that meant it would be a fun weekend. That was all that mattered to Richie. Why any teacher would give a student detention before the carnival came to town was beyond Richie. Richie was sure that he could complain about the detention to his parents and get Mr. Bruno in serious trouble.

The hall monitor marched Richie straight to the detention room. “Now I better not see you in the hallways or hear Mr. Bruno having trouble keeping you in class.” The hall monitor told Richie, opening the door to the classroom.

Richie just gave the hall monitor a dirty look before going into the classroom. He looked at the desks to see who would be with him for detention. To his surprise, there were three boys and a girl in the classroom. He wasn’t sure if he knew them or not. He was certain that he had seen every student at the middle school so how did he miss these four?

“Richie, how nice of you to join us.” A sarcastic voice said. Richie turned to see Mr. Bruno sitting at the front of the classroom. “Now if you would be so kind as to take your seat.” Mr. Bruno told Richie.

Richie groaned and sat down. This was going to be very boring and long detention. Mr. Bruno’s detentions always were the most boring ones.

Mr. Bruno stood up. “Now for detention, I want you all to write a ten page essay as to why it’s important to behave in school.” He told the five kids. “I expect them to be done by the end of detention.” Mr. Bruno then sat down and watched the five kids closely. “Now get to work.”

Richie rolled his eyes as he got blank-lined papers out for the essay. This was one of his least favorite kinds of detentions. Having to write a stupid essay. He wished that the hour was already up. He wanted to get out of the detention and go home. He should have already been home and be playing video games with his friends, not writing a stupid paper.

He looked at the three boys and the girl that was in detention with him. Now that he noticed them, he was certain that he had never seen them before. Of course, he realized that they could have been new students and had gotten into trouble very quickly. If that was true, he was impressed.

The girl looked at him. “What are you looking at?” She asked rudely. She clearly had an attitude problem.

“No talking!” Mr. Bruno said loudly from the front of the classroom. “You know the rules.”

Richie quickly looked at his papers and started writing. He knew that if he didn’t complete the essay, he would be forced to return to detention the next day and that was the last thing he wanted to do. He wasn’t sure if his paper would meet Mr. Bruno’s standards but he didn’t really care. All he cared about was getting out of the detention.

At the end of detention, Richie gave Mr. Bruno the essay before running out of the classroom as quickly as he could. The last thing he wanted was to get called back and told to write a real essay. With any luck, Mr. Bruno would forget that his essay hadn’t been done in the required format that was expected of sixth graders.

As soon as Richie saw the front doors to the school, he made a beeline for them and got outside just as he heard Mr. Bruno shout his name. He laughed. It was too late. There was nothing the teacher could do to him now. Richie kept running until he was off the school grounds and far from Mr. Bruno before laughing some more.

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