Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Three

Richie ran until he had reached the park. He was certain that he was going to get in trouble the next day but he didn’t care. He had done what Mr. Bruno had told him to do during detention. He had written the essay. Sure he had cheated by making his letters take up two lines instead of one but he could claim that Mr. Bruno never said how to write the essay, just that it had to be ten pages. Mr. Bruno had the essay and Richie was sure that the other four kids could verify what the instructions had been.

Richie then thought of the four other kids. He was certain he had never seen them before at his school but there hadn’t been an announcement earlier that day about there being new kids at the school. Richie made a mental note to talk to the four later on. He could see the Carnival of Delight being set up on the other side of the cemetery.

At the entrance to the lot where the Carnival of Delight was being set up, Richie saw the four kids who had been in detention with him. Was it just his imagination or did one of the boys seemed nervous about the carnival being set up? Richie went up to the four. One of the boys did look nervous.

“It’s rude to stare.” The girl said with the same attitude that she had had back in detention. The way she was looking at him made Richie wonder if she had been in detention for threatening to beat up someone at school or if she had talked back to a teacher with her attitude.

The girl then turned back to the carnival getting set up. “So you’re here to watch them set up or did you want something?” She asked.

Richie looked at her briefly before looking back at the carnival. “I just came to see them set everything up.” He said. “I always do each year for as long as I can remember.” It was like a tradition for him. “What about you guys?” Richie then asked.

One of the boys, not the one who looked nervous, looked at him. “Our parents are a part of the carnival set up team.” He told Richie. “They usually don’t want us trying to help with set up. They think we might mess up and get them fired.”

Richie looked at the boy. They were a part of the carnival? That would explain why he had never seen them before at his school. They probably were mostly home-schooled or did some sort of student transfer a lot. That would also explain why the principal didn’t announce that there were new students. They were regulars for a few days before and after the carnival.

“Here to try to get a sneak peek at the carnival?” A creepy voice asked. All five kids spun around. Standing there was a man. He was in black pants half of the legs being covered by his black boots, a purple button up shirt, a black vest with a black suit coat over it. He had a tie on. He had a black top hat on but it didn’t hide the fact that his hair was black with streaks of grey in it and that his hair was slicked back. He had a goatee and a creepy smile.

Richie recognized the man. “You’re Mr. Notate Fruun.” He said. He couldn’t believe it. He was finally meeting his idol. “The ringmaster of the Carnival of Delight.”

Mr. Fruun looked at Richie. The ringmaster could tell that Richie was a very big fan. He smiled. “Indeed I am.” He said, reaching into his pocket. Mr. Fruun pulled out a ticket to the Carnival of Delight. “Here you go young man. A free ticket to the Carnival of Delight. Have fun.” With that, Mr. Fruun walked into the carnival set up and disappeared.

Richie turned to see that the other four kids had disappeared. He frowned and looked around. There was no sign of them. It was like they had never been there in the first place. He looked at his free ticket, smiled, and ran home.

From their hiding place, they could see Richie running. “Do you think he’ll end up like us?” One of them asked.

“I’m certain of it.” The female voice replied.

“Keep a close eye on him.” A creepy voice said. “I don’t want any surprises and if this all goes according to plan, you’ll have a new friend to play with.” The others quickly scurried away.

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