Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Four

Later that evening, Richie was playing video games when his phone rang. He groaned, paused the game and looked at the screen. He recognized the number as Alex’s phone number. He answered it. “What’s up Alex?” Richie asked, unpausing the game and started playing more of his videogame.

“You had detention Rich?” Alex asked, using Richie’s nickname.

“Yeah. Mr. Bruno thinks a detention will teach me to pay attention to what he has to say.” Richie explained before he laughed. “You think by now, he would learn like all the other teachers that detentions won’t make me change anything and that I won’t pay attention anytime sooner.” All the other teachers had learned that lesson, why couldn’t Mr. Bruno?

“Well Mr. Bruno might not learn the lesson like the other teachers but dude, you could get suspended from school if the teachers decide to suspend you for not taking school seriously.” Alex reminded Richie. He knew that Mr. Bruno wasn’t a pushover and that if he wanted to push for a suspension, he wouldn’t stop until Richie was suspended.

Like that would ever happen. If none of his past teachers had suspended him, there was no way that Mr. Bruno could get any of his teachers this year to suspend him. Richie was certain of that. He was safe as far as he was concerned. As long as he passed with just Cs’, he was golden.

“You might have wanted to pay attention in class though today Richie. Mr. Bruno was talking about the Carnival of Delight today.” Alex then said. “Some of what he was talking about would surprise you quite a bit.”

Richie seriously doubted that. Nothing Mr. Bruno had ever talked about in class was worth knowing in Richie’s eyes. History was just that, history. There was nothing worth learning from the past. The only thing that history class was good for was to play games on the computer and say it was school related.

“Did you know that the Carnival of Delight is supposedly haunted?” Alex asked.

Richie paused his video game. “What do you mean?” He asked. He had never heard of that before and he had paid a lot of attention whenever he was at the carnival. “How is it haunted?” The only thing that was “haunted” was the haunted house and that stopped being haunted for Richie five years ago.

“Well, according to Mr. Bruno, when the Carnival of Delight first came to Haven, there was a death the last night that the carnival was in town. It was a boy named Jackson and he had been found in the fun house dead. Apparently the clown animatronics were too much for him and he died of fear.” Alex replied. “And since then, apparently once every ten years or so, another child has died.”

Richie didn’t believe what Alex was saying. “If that was true, then why didn’t the carnival get shut down after Jackson’s death?” He asked. He was sure that Mr. Bruno had just told that story to try to scare the kids out of going to the carnival so they would do school work instead of having fun.

“According to the early newspaper recordings, when the police talked to Notate Fruun, not the same Notate Fruun we have today of course, but a Notate Fruun still. That Notate Fruun was shocked and even closed down the Carnival of Delight. Ten years later, another man took up the name of Notate Fruun and reopened the Carnival of Delight and supposedly another child die but there was no proof of it happening.” Alex replied.

“But apparently Mr. Bruno thinks a child dies once every ten years?” Richie asked in disbelief. “Trust me Alex. The only thing that is going to die this weekend is Mr. Bruno’s belief that he can boss us kids around and scare us from going to the carnival.” He then hung up and got back to the video game.

Outside of Richie’s house, under a street lamp, was a clown He was pretty short for an adult clown and he had a sad look on his face. Even though he was outside, he had heard everything that Richie had said. The clown shook his head before he turned and started walking away, disappearing into thin air as he did that.

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