Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Five

The next day at school, Richie and Alex were in the gym with everyone else at the pep rally. Richie was bored. Even though a pep rally meant no class at that time, there was nothing fun to do. They all had to sit in the bleachers while the principal was talking. The principal had been talking for the last ten minutes about the Carnival of Delight and that everyone should be careful and safe while being there.

Richie groaned. He didn’t think that he had anything to be worried about. He had gone to the carnival for as long as he could remember and nothing bad had ever happened to him. He looked around the gym. He didn’t see the four kids who had been with him in detention. He wondered what had happened to them or if they had stayed at the carnival that day.

“And students, make sure that you don’t wander off or go off with strangers.” The principal told the students.

That was when it happened. A set of doors burst open. “Of course you all should be safe.” A deep voice announced. Everyone turned to the opened doors. Standing there in his carnival outfit was Notate Fruun. He had a creepy smile on his face. “No one wants an accident at the Carnival of Delight.” He continued as he walked into the gym.

Richie and Alex looked at each other before looking back at Notate Fruun. “Dude, it’s your idol.” Alex said. Alex couldn’t believe it. He never thought that Notate Fruun would make an appearance at their school. He had never done that before.

Richie smiled and took out his free ticket from his jacket pocket. “He gave this to me yesterday.” He told Alex, showing Alex the ticket.

Alex looked at the ticket before looking at Notate Fruun. “Think he would give me one too?” Alex asked.

Richie shrugged. “I’m not sure if he has anymore.” He replied. He hadn’t even been expecting the free ticket that Notate Fruun had given him. He looked at Notate Fruun. He wondered what the man was doing there.

Notate Fruun looked at everyone there before he smiled. “Of course everyone here should be safe.” He said. “The Carnival of Delight has the best security guards and surveillance everywhere.” He laughed a little. “No one, and I mean no one, will be in danger.” He went up to the principal and took the microphone. “I expect to see you all there and to remember, there will be ghost stories shared.” He laughed as he said that last bit. “So make sure you are prepared to be scared.”

Notate Fruun took out a porcelain doll. “Clowns, scary dolls, rides, food and prizes await you all at the Carnival of Delight this weekend!” He announced, throwing the porcelain doll into the air. Everyone held their breath as they watched the porcelain doll fall to the ground. As it touched the ground, it shattered, making a thick cloud of smoke appear.

When it cleared, there was a girl that looked exactly like the porcelain doll. She looked around and waved at everyone, smiling. Her face cracked a little as she did that.

Alex winced when he saw that. “Think that hurt her?” He asked Richie. “Her face cracked when she did that.”

Richie shrugged. “I don’t know but I don’t remember there being porcelain doll girls before.” He replied. He wondered who she was and how she made her face look like it was cracked.

The porcelain doll girl looked at Notate Fruun like she wanted to ask him something. Notate Fruun nodded to her. There was a puff of smoke and when it cleared, the porcelain doll girl was a doll once again.

Notate Fruun smiled and picked up the doll. “There’s that and more to see at the Carnival of Delight this weekend.” He told them all. “See you there.” He gave the principal the microphone and walked out of the gym.

After a few minutes of silence, the principal spoke. “That will be all. Everyone back to your classes now.” He looked around before nodding and leaving.

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