Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Six

Friday Night

Richie laughed as he went through the entrance of the Carnival of Delight. He was excited to be there. Already the bright lights were on, the music was playing and all the attractions were in full swing. For the whole weekend, all Richie planned to do was ride the rides, eat the food and have as much fun as he could. He saw clowns, jugglers, porcelain doll girls, zombie actors and so many more workers there.

He looked at the large center tent. That was where Notate Fruun would begin the night fun with his opening speech. Richie was excited about that. Notate Fruun was able to make the opening night speech so creepy, fantastic and fun all at the same time. Richie ran to the large tent and took a seat quickly so he wouldn’t miss anything.

Richie looked around. There was still no sign of those kids he had had detention with. He couldn’t understand why he hadn’t seen them since that day. He had gone to Mr. Bruno to ask who they were but Mr. Bruno had decided to mess with him and say he was the only one in detention that day. Richie couldn’t understand why Mr. Bruno decided to mess around like that but he knew what he had seen.

“Please take a seat! The show is about to begin!” A deep voice announced. With that, the lights turned off except for a couple of bright show lights that were aimed at the center of the tent. Standing there was Notate Fruun. He had his usual smile on his face.

“Ladies and gentlemen. Boys and girls. People of all ages. Welcome tonight to the Carnival of Delight!” Notate Fruun announced to everyone there. There was a large cheer from the audience, including Richie. “I assure you that this won’t be a weekend to forget.” Notate Fruun continued. “Thrills and chills along with excitement until Sunday night.”

Notate Fruun looked around, becoming silent as he did that. Richie held his breath, waiting to see what Notate Fruun was about to say. He didn’t want to miss any part of the show. The lights turned off for a brief moment before turning back on. Notate Fruun was gone. Richie smiled. He knew what was about to happen.

“Remember everyone, we are here to have fun.” Notate Fruun said. Everyone turned to the top of the tent. Standing on one of the flying trapeze artist platforms was Notate Fruun. He had a smile on his face. “No harm shall happen to any of you while we are here.” Notate Fruun told the audience. “Now enjoy yourself here and have fun!” There was a flash of light and Notate Fruun vanished in the brief moment of darkness.

Outside the tent, Richie looked around. What ride to go on first? There were so many to go on. Some of them were new and some of them he remembered from the year before. He saw the porcelain doll girl that had gone to his school with Notate Fruun earlier that week. Now that he was closer, he saw that she looked familiar. “Hey.” He said, walking towards her.

The porcelain doll girl turned to him and her face fell. She took a step back before turning around and running into the crowd. Richie frowned. What was her problem? He then wondered if she was the girl who had given him attitude during detention. It would explain why he hadn’t seen her or why Mr. Bruno was acting like they had never been at the detention before. She didn’t want to be seen as a carnival freak.

Richie ran after the porcelain doll girl. “Hold up!” He called after her. He wondered why she wouldn’t stop running. Wasn’t she scared of ruining her makeup or make people panic? He stopped running as he reached the edge of the carnival. To his surprise, it led into the town’s cemetery. He frowned. That didn’t make sense. He looked at the cemetery. There was no sign of the girl. It was like she had just vanished into thin air.

From their hiding spot, they watched Richie go back towards the rides. “That was too close.” One of them said. “Do you think he saw you?”

“I don’t think so.” The female voice said. “I made sure that I was able to vanish before he could see.”

“Do you really think that he’ll become one of us?” Another male voice asked.

“I am certain of it. Notate Fruun wouldn’t have done all the stuff he had done if he wasn’t certain he could get the boy.” The girl said.

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