Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Eight

“So what now?” Richie asked after a few minutes of them just standing there. “Don’t you have to be helping with shutting the carnival down for the night?” Why were these four just hanging out on their own? Didn’t their families come to see their dead relatives too?

Eliza looked at her three friends before she looked back at Richie. “How about we play Ghost in the Graveyard?” She asked before she smiled. Jack, Nick and Tim all looked at each other before they smiled.

Richie had a feeling that Eliza was trying to spook him by suggesting that game. He knew how to play it and it was dark enough in the cemetery that the four kids could try to scare him if he was the one hiding. He wasn’t going to let Eliza scare him though that easily. He nodded. “Okay then.” He said. “Let’s do this then.”

Eliza smiled like she knew something that Richie didn’t. “We’ll let you go into the cemetery first to hide.” She told Richie. “When you hear one of us shout “Here we come”, we’ll come after you. Just make sure that you are hidden well.” She looked at Jack, Tim and Nick. “Let’s start counting.” She told them.

Richie ran into the cemetery. He wished that he had a flashlight with him. Even a small one would be helpful. He had no idea where to hide or how big the gravestones were. He couldn’t hear the four kids counting. There was no telling if they were even counting still or even there anymore. He saw a large tombstone and smiled. It was perfect to hide behind. He hid behind it, his back to the stone. Richie tried to stay as quiet as he could.

Richie tried to listen for one of the other four kids to say that they were coming. There was only silence. He frowned. Did one of them had already said it without saying it loudly? He tried to stay as quiet as he could. He heard a twig snap. Richie frowned and looked at the ground around him. There were no sticks around him. Where did that twig snapping come from then?

That was when he heard shuffling of the feet. Richie shivered. The way the feet were shuffling reminded him of a zombie. He looked around and his eyes widened. He saw a zombie walking towards him. The flesh was rotten and dripping off of the zombie. Richie screamed, stood up and tried to run, only to run into a scary-looking zombie clown. The clown laughed when he saw Richie. Richie screamed again.

Richie turned and started running. He had to get out of the cemetery. This was all too much for him. As he was running, he could hear the clown and the zombie chasing him. He had to get away from them and find where the four kids were. He turned to his left as he tried to find the entrance to the cemetery and stopped. He screamed again. Walking towards him was a girl in a ratty torn dress. She looked like a zombie as well.

Richie backed away from her. This really was getting too much. He needed to find the four kids and get out of there. He then saw another zombie walking towards him. This zombie looked very burnt. Richie shook his head and his eyes widened when he saw the entrance to the cemetery. He took off running for it.

He looked over his shoulders at the four zombies. The zombies were chasing him. Richie reached the entrance and got onto the road. He took a deep breath and looked over his shoulders again. To his surprise, the zombies were gone. Richie looked around. Eliza, Tim, Nick and Jack were gone. He frowned. Where did they go? He shook his head before running away to his home.

From where he was hiding, he watched the young boy run. He smiled. He would soon have a new attraction for the show.

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