Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Nine

The next day, Richie was walking through the cemetery. He was relieved that it was day time and that the sun was showing everything. It would make it a lot easier if the four zombies reappeared to see them. He wanted to see if any of the graves had been disturbed. He wasn’t sure if they had been or not but if they weren’t, it meant that the zombies had been costumes and that it was probably the four carnival kids.

Richie didn’t see that the graves had been disturbed. He stood up. So the four kids had been messing around with him. They were really the zombies that he had seen last night. No wonder Eliza wanted to play Ghosts in the Graveyard. It was her way of scaring him. Richie wasn’t sure how they had been able to get into their costumes so quickly but he was sure that if he talked to Notate Fruun, he would find out.

In the Carnival of Delight, Richie looked around. There was no sign of Notate Fruun. He wondered if it was because Notate Fruun was getting ready for the evening show. Richie also didn’t see any of the four kids there either. No doubt they were hiding so he couldn’t talk to them about the night before.

Richie saw a tent ahead of him. Right by the entrance to it was a sign that read: Mystic Reader. I can read your future. Richie smiled. A fortune teller would be able to tell him how to find the four kids. He went into the tent.

There was a small round table with a crystal ball on it. Sitting by it was a woman in a hood. “Welcome my boy.” The woman said. “What can Madam Hooloo do for you?”

Richie sat down across from the woman. “I need help with something.” He told her. “I’m looking for four friends of mine. They keep appearing and disappearing and I’m not sure where they are.” Richie leaned forward. “Their names are Eliza, Nick, Jack and Tim.”

Madam Hooloo looked at Richie for a few seconds before she looked at the crystal ball. “Let me try to find your friends.” She told Richie. She gazed at her crystal ball for a few minutes, filling the tent with silence. Richie shifted a little in his seat. He wasn’t sure if Madam Hooloo was telling the truth or if she was just wasting his time by trying to think of something to say.

That was when Madam Hooloo frowned. “This can’t be right.” She said before she looked at Richie. “What did you say that their names were?”

“Eliza, Tim, Jack and Nick.” Richie replied.

Madam Hooloo looked back at her crystal ball before shaking her head. “I’m sorry but this isn’t making any sense.” She said. “According to my crystal ball, your friends don’t exist. They haven’t existed for a long time.”

Didn’t exist? How was that possible? Richie knew that he had spoken to them and had spent time with them. Was Madam Hooloo lying just because she knew who they were? Richie didn’t think she was lying but it was hard to fake the seriousness that Madam Hooloo was showing.

“Where did you meet them last?” Madam Hooloo then asked.

“Last night at the cemetery next door.” Richie replied. “They had gone there to pay respect to their dead relatives. We were supposed to play a game but they had disappeared before the game could really begin.”

Madam Hooloo gasped. “You should never be playing in the cemetery at night!” She shouted, startling Richie.

Richie jumped out of his seat and backed away. What was going on? Why did Madam Hooloo care where he played games at? She was just a traveling fortune teller with the Carnival of Delight. This wasn’t her town. He looked at the fortune teller before running out of the tent.

From where she was hiding, she could see Richie running out of the fortune teller’s tent. She smiled. Clearly the fortune teller had tried to tell Richie something that Richie didn’t want to hear. That was good. It meant that it would just be a matter of time before he was one of them.

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