Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Ten

In Notate Fruun’s coach, Notate Fruun was standing in front of his mirror, applying makeup on for the evening show. He wasn’t alone though. Behind him was the porcelain doll girl. She had a smile on her face, making the porcelain around her mouth crack. “You know what to do.” Notate Fruun was saying. “Tonight is the last night we’re here and the last night you can capture him.”

The porcelain doll girl nodded, making what sounded like clinking noises around her neck. She didn’t mind doing what she had to do. Things had been getting pretty quiet and boring during the last few years with just her three friends. It would be nice to have a new friend to play with for the next few years.

“Have you decided how to kill him?” Notate Fruun asked before turning to the porcelain doll girl. “Remember, we need it to look like an accident.”

“Don’t worry about it Mr. Fruun.” The porcelain doll girl said. “By the time they discover him, it’ll look exactly like an accident had happened.”

Notate Fruun smiled as he heard that. “Excellent.” He said. “Then let the show begin!”

Elsewhere in the Carnival of Delight, Richie was walking towards the Big Top where Notate Fruun would be giving his welcome show to everyone who didn’t make it the night before. Richie didn’t mind watching it though for a second time. Seeing the welcoming show was one of the best parts of the Carnival of Delight.

That was when Richie heard someone calling his name. Richie looked around and his eyes widened when he saw Nick, Jack and Tim. They all had a smile on their faces and were waving at him to join them. Richie looked back at the Big Top. He had always made it a tradition to go to Notate Fruun’s welcome speeches. He looked at the three boys. This though could be his chance to get the answers that he wanted.

Richie ran towards the three boys, determined to talk to them. To his surprise, the three boys laughed and took off running into the House of Mirrors. Richie groaned. Of course, the boys would want to make this a challenge for him. So be it. Richie was willing to play their game. He ran into the House of Mirrors and the doors slammed shut behind him.

Richie spun around and pushed against the doors. This had never happened before. He turned to look down the hallway full of mirrors. His heart was thudding as he heard creepy laughing and footsteps echoing all around him. Richie’s thoughts immediately went to the four zombies he had seen the night before. He knew that he didn’t want to risk facing them alone in the House of Mirrors and so he took off running.

As he ran, Richie could hear the footsteps echoing all around him. It sounded like whoever else was in there was also running. Richie looked over his shoulders. To his horror, it was the zombie clown and zombie porcelain doll. Seeing them smiling with rotten flesh hanging around their mouths was very freaky.

Richie looked ahead and screamed as he saw the burnt zombie in front of him. He turned to his left and hit something. That was the last thing he remembered before it all went black.

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