Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Eleven

Richie groaned as he woke up. His head was throbbing. He sat up and saw that he was back outside the House of Mirrors. There was something different though about the House of Mirrors. He didn’t remember it being painted blue. He thought it had been red.

He stood up and looked around. There were still people walking around but they weren’t as he remembered them. He was certain none of them had small weird-looking thing boxes that could be held in one hand or what looked like hearing aids in their ears. Richie took his phone out and frowned. It was dead.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages. Please come to the big top for the show!” Richie smiled. He might not understand all that was going on but he was relieved that he hadn’t missed out on the opening act. He ran into the tent and stopped. He couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

Standing there, in the center ring with the spotlights on him was a guy who looked a lot like Alex. How was that possible though? Alex didn’t have any brothers and to the best of Richie’s knowledge, all of Alex’s relatives lived far away. So who was this guy and where was Notate Fruun?

The man in the center ring smiled a creepy smile as he looked at everyone there. “Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls of all ages, welcome to the Carnival of Delight! I promise you all there will be thrills and chills, excitement and terror!” The man announced, getting a loud cheer from the audience.

“Make sure to check out our newest addition to the Carnival of Delight, the Wax Museum of Horror! Where inside, you can see all of the creepy things that have happened in the Carnival of Delight and listen to the characters speak about them!” The man continued, getting another big cheer.

Richie ran out of the tent and saw the Wax Museum of Horror near the entrance of the Carnival of Delight. He frowned. He knew that that hadn’t been there when he had shown up earlier that day. Now that he thought about it, hadn’t the fortune teller’s tent been in the exact same spot earlier that day?

Richie ran into the Wax Museum of Horror. His eyes widened with what he saw. There were wax statues of four kids. He recognized them as Tim, Nick, Eliza and Jack. They looked very different though. Eliza was actually wearing a dress and had a porcelain doll in her arms.

Richie saw that by each wax statue, there was a plaque that spoke of each one. Richie went to each one and read them. According to the plaques, each one of the four kids had died at the Carnival of Delight. It was just like what his friend Alex had said. Richie then saw a wax statue next to one of Eliza. His heart sank. It was him.

Richie read the plaque for him. It said that he had died in the House of Mirrors from being scared too much of being stuck inside after the House of Mirrors had a malfunction and the doors had somehow been forced shut so no one could get in. It said that his body had been found when the Carnival of Delight had been tearing down all the attractions...

Richie closed his eyes and refused to read it. According to the plaque, he had died ten years before in the year two thousand and ten.

“Hello Richie old boy.” Richie spun around. Standing there was Alex. Alex smiled. “I was wondering when your spirit was going to appear.” Alex continued. “I guess you got what you always wanted. To be a part of the Carnival of Delight forever.” Alex laughed as he said that last bit before leaving.

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