Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter One

The screams echoed loudly in the dark hallway as lightning flashed and thunder roared outside. The maid nearly had a heart attack. The screams came from the Coven Sisters, the daughters of the wealthy Lord Coven of Coven Manor. The maid had no idea why the three girls would be screaming. She had just checked in on them just a few minutes before and they had been asleep. She ran as quickly as she could to the bedroom, throwing the doors wide open. Her eyes widened with the sight before her.

All three sisters were lying on their beds, their eyes wide open and their faces full of fear like they had been frozen midscream. Their blankets were on the floor and their usual white sheets were stained red with their blood. The window was smashed open, letting the cold wind and piercing rain in, soaking the floor between the two older sisters.

The maid stumbled back as she held her hand over her mouth, shocked at what she was seeing. “Lord Coven!” She screamed. “Lord Coven, get here quickly! Your daughters!” She took off running for Lord Coven’s room.

“By the time that Lord Coven was finally able to get to his daughters’ room, the maid had collapsed from the shock and the panic.” The tour guide said. He was standing in front of the opened door to the room that the Coven Sisters had been murdered in. There was a small group of tourists listening to the tour guide. One of the tourists was the daughter of the home’s newest owner, Alexandria.

Alexandria had begged her parents to let the tours still go on in the manor since she loved hearing the scary story of the murdered Coven Sisters. She loved anything and everything scary and living in the home of murdered victims in her eyes was like winning the trophy in a marathon race. This was her third time hearing about the murder story and she was enjoying it.

Her parents agreed to let the tour continue but they had forbidden the tour guide from going to any room that her family was using. They insisted on having the right to privacy. The tour guide had agreed to that rule and the tours never went to any room that was being used.

“Of course Lord Coven had the best detectives and police working on the case but after three months and no fresh leads coming up, the case was closed unsolved.” The tour guide told the group. “Though they say that to this day, if you listen closely, you can still hear the screams of the daughters as they wander the hallways, looking for their killer.”

The tour guide smiled as he looked at everyone there. “Since that time, there has been many owners of Coven Manor. Not all of them last long though. Usually they leave after a few months because they can’t take all the noise and craziness that comes with owning this home.” The tour guide looked at Alexandria as he said that bit.

Alexandria took her notebook out of her pocket and wrote down a few notes. She loved telling ghost stories and figured that she could use some of what the tour guide was saying for the next campfire she would be at the next Monday when she went camping with her friends.

That was when she felt the hair on the back of her neck stand up. Alexandria turned around. She saw what looked like a figure standing in a dark part of the hallway staring at them. Alexandria was about to say something when, to her surprise, the figure just vanished.

Alexandria looked around the area that the figure had been in. There was no sign of a possible way for the figure to go. That area didn’t lead to any hallway. She shook her head. She had probably just imagined it.

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