Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Two

Alexandria went into her family’s new living room. It was more like a study instead of a living room. The shelves were lined with books, most of which were dusty. The portrait of Lord Coven was still up over the fireplace. Her dad had said he was planning to replace the portrait with a giant flat screen. Clearly, that wasn’t happening yet and possibly wouldn’t be happening that day. There were still a ton of boxes all around the room that needed to be emptied.

Alexandria wasn’t sure where they would put all the new stuff in the living room. It was clear that no one had ever thought to remove all of Lord Coven’s property from the room. According to the tour guide, anyone who moved into the house didn’t stay long. Not even half a year. She couldn’t help but wonder if the past owners even took their stuff or just left it somewhere in the house. She hadn’t seen any new stuff except for her family’s stuff.

Alexandria sat in a fancy-looking armchair that was by the fireplace, coughing as dust came up. She made a mental note that the furniture in the living room still needed dusting. She looked around the study, her eyes resting on the portrait of the three Coven Sisters. She had looked at the portrait a lot since the first time she had heard the scary legend of how they had been murdered one dark and stormy night.

Alexandria noticed how different the three sisters looked from each other. One had blood red hair, one had black as the night hair and one had blond hair. It wasn’t just the hair though that made them look so different from each other. It was the way their faces looked, the ages of the three sisters. It was almost as if each one had a different mother.

She remembered how the tour guide had said that Lord Coven had been married a few different times during his long life. Each time he got married, the bride was always younger than the last one. Alexandria couldn’t help but not be surprised that someone would want to kill the three sisters to get back at Lord Coven. No doubt the murder was done because Lord Coven had used a bride for a trophy before dumping her for a younger bride.

Alexandria then frowned and her eyes widened. It looked like the middle sister, Elizabeth Coven, was snarling and her skin was coming off as well. Alexandria stood up and began backing away. That was when it got really freaky. Elizabeth Coven came out of the portrait as a mix of a ghost and a zombie and screamed loudly, flying towards Alexandria, her rotting hands out towards Alexandria.

Alexandria screamed and ran out of the room, slamming the door behind her. She didn’t know if that would stop the banshee and she didn’t want to find out. She ran as fast as she could to the manor’s kitchen before closing the door behind her.

“Hey kiddo.” Alexandria’s mom said as she put groceries into the refrigerator. So the refrigerator was finally plugged in. “What’s up?” Her mom then asked.

Alexandria shook her head. “There’s a banshee in the house!” She cried. “It came out of the Coven Sisters’ portrait and flew towards me!”

Alexandria’s mom simply smiled. “Nice try Alex but I’m not going to fall for your prank.” She said. “I know the house has a scary story but I’m not going to let you turn it into a ghost story for your own amusement.” Alexandria’s mother knew that her daughter loved to tell ghost stories. She wasn’t about to believe that there was a banshee in the house.

Alexandria shook her head. “Mom, it wasn’t a prank.” She said. “There really is a banshee in the house.” She knew that she had told ghost stories and tall tales before but couldn’t her mother see that she was being serious about this?

Alexandria’s mom crossed her arms over her chest. “Alexandria, there are no such things as ghosts or banshees.” She told her daughter. “Now go help your dad out with unpacking the moving truck or go to your room and unpack your stuff.”

Alexandria, realizing that she wasn’t getting anywhere with her mother, decided to go unpack her bedroom stuff. Hopefully, the banshee wouldn’t go into her room.

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