Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Three

Alexandria paced back and forth in her room once she had the door closed. She wasn’t sure what was happening. She knew that she hadn’t imagined the banshee in the house. She loved ghost stories as much as the next person but she didn’t want to be a part of one. She looked at the portrait of the Coven Sisters in her room. If she recalled correctly, her bedroom had been the old study room the three sisters had used for learning. She hadn’t wanted to remove it before but now she did.

Alexandria went up to the portrait and tried to remove it. To her surprise, she couldn’t. She tried to look behind the portrait but there was no sign that the portrait came off of the wall. Nothing was dividing the two.

Alexandria backed away from the portrait and frowned. Nothing about this was making any sense. First Elizabeth’s flesh dissolved in a portrait which should have been impossible. Then a banshee flew out of the portrait followed by this portrait not coming off of the wall. Something was messed up about all of this and she needed to know what it was.

Alexandria then heard whispering. She had a feeling that she knew what was about to happen. She looked at the door before she heard something dripping. She looked back at the portrait and her eyes widened. The Coven Sisters in the portrait were losing their flesh and their faces were becoming mashed up angry looking faces.

This time, three banshees came out of the portrait and started flying towards Alexandria. They were reaching out to her with their rotten fingers and their moans were chilling to hear. Alexandria swore she was getting goosebumps from the monsters. She tried to open her door but to her horror, it wouldn’t open. She screamed and faced the three banshees, screaming once again.

The three banshees got closer and closer to her, moaning and groaning as they moved. Alexandria noticed that despite the flesh rotting off of their faces, that the three looked very angry and that there were large holes where their stomachs were. No doubt they were made when the three sisters had been murdered.

That gave Alexandria an idea. “What if I find out who it was that killed you?” She asked the three banshees. “Would that appease you and help you move on to the next life?” She asked. According to the tour guide, the reason why they kept haunting the place was to find the one who had murdered them.

The three banshees stopped and looked at each other before looking back at Alexandria. “Find out who it was by Halloween.” One of the banshees said in a threatening voice.

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