Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Four

Alexandria went into the manor’s library. She had until Halloween to find out who murdered the Coven Sisters. That only gave her a couple of weeks. She shook her head. She couldn’t believe that she had offered to help the banshees find the killer from an old murder case. She wasn’t even sure if she could find the killer. There was a good chance that the killer was dead too.

Alexandria went to the bookshelf and looked through the titles. Maybe some of the journals could help her. Surely some of Lord Coven’s old journals could help her find a lead. She had to find the killer or the banshees would do who knew what to her. Most likely make her join them as a banshee.

She sat down in an armchair and shook her head. She had no idea where to look for a clue. There was nothing for her to do except to possibly talk to the tour guide. There was a chance he could help her understand the ghost story better.

Alexandria went to the sign-in booth for the ghost tour. To her relief, the tour guide was there. She noticed his name tag said Fatun Ortune. It was a strange name but then again, he did speak with a heavy accent. It added to the mystery of the legend.

“What can I help you with?” Mr. Ortune asked as he smiled at Alexandria.

“I need help with understanding the ghost story of the Coven Sisters.” Alexandria replied. “According to your story, the killer was never found. What did Lord Coven do when he couldn’t find the guy who killed his daughters?”

The tour guide’s smile grew bigger. “Lord Coven was accused by the town when the killer couldn’t be found as the one who was the killer.” He told Alexandria. “He was quickly arrested and thrown in prison where he spend the rest of his short life. The real mystery though that I never share is that when the people came back up here to bury the three sisters, to their surprise, the bodies were already gone. They looked everywhere in the manor but there was no sign of the bodies. They even dug up around the manor’s property but they never found the bodies.”

Alexandria wondered if that was what the banshees wanted her to do. Instead of finding the killer, they wanted her to find their bodies so they could be buried and not be a mystery anymore.

“Is there anything else you would like to know?” Mr. Ortune asked. “I do have more of the story to share if you would like me to tell you.”

Alexandria shook her head before she thought of one thing. “Where do you think the bodies could have been hidden?” She asked Mr. Ortune. “You know the story and legend better than anyone else. Surely you would have a good idea of where to look for them.”

Mr. Ortune became silent. “Why so interested in where they ended up?” He asked. “Are you trying to find the bodies or upstage the tour by having the bodies’ location be a part of the tour?”

Alexandria shook her head quickly. “No. I just wondered if the tour guide, meaning you, had any idea where they might have ended up. Since you know so much about the legend, where do you think they would be?” She asked. She hoped that Mr. Ortune would believe her.

Mr. Ortune was silent a little bit longer. He then spoke. “If I had to take a guess, with how large this manor is, they could very well be hidden anywhere here. Or even burnt to ashes. The townspeople after all did search all over this house and never found the bodies. Lord Coven could have easily hidden the bodies in a secret room somewhere in the house that no one, not even me, knew about.”

Alexandria smiled. That was a good lead for her to follow. It would make sense for there to be a hidden passageway somewhere in this giant manor. All the best ghost stories she had read had secret passageways. “Thank you Mr. Ortune.” She said before she ran off.

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