Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Five

That night, Alexandria returned to her room and plopped down on her bed. She was tired from looking all over the manor for the possible secret room. She had tapped on every wall that she could reach, moved each book on the different bookshelves, and had moved each lamp that she came across. There was no sign of a secret passage or a secret room. Not even the old dumbwaiter had a secret passageway.

Alexandria looked at the portrait of the Coven Family that was between two of her windows. The family portrait had Lord Coven, his third wife and their three daughters. The three daughters looked troubled now that Alexandria looked closer to it. Was it possible that the three sisters had been murdered by their father? If that was true, why would they still be there looking for their killer and wouldn’t they know about their father’s secret room?

Alexandria then looked at the third wife. She looked disturbed about something. Was it possible that the third wife knew about the father planning to murder the daughters? Wouldn’t she have known about the secret room?

Alexandria then looked at Lord Coven. The man looked serious, if not worried, about something. His eyes were looking in the direction of his wife and three daughters. The portrait was just confusing to Alexandria. From what she was seeing, it looked like the whole family was troubled and she was still no closer to finding out who had killed the Coven Sisters or what had happened to their bodies.

Alexandria thought back to what Mr. Ortune had said before she looked at Lord Coven’s wife. “Where were you during all of this?” She asked softly. Surely the wife would have had some part of the ghost legend. Why wasn’t the wife a part of the legend? Alexandria looked closer at the wife. Was she disturbed because she knew something no one else did?

Alexandria laid down on her bed and closed her eyes. She was too tired to even get changed into pajamas. She needed sleep.

She heard screaming. Alexandria opened her eyes and her eyes widened when she saw the three banshees floating in the air above her. The three banshees looked very angry. No doubt they were angry that Alexandria hadn’t found any clues or leads to finding the killer or the bodies.

“Find the truth!” One of the banshees screamed. “Find out what really happened that night or else pay the price!” The three banshees flew down to Alexandria. “Find the truth before it’s too late!” The same one shouted again.

Alexandria opened her eyes, waking up. She looked at the portrait of the Coven Family. To her horror, the Coven Sisters looked like banshees now in the portrait. Alexandria laid back down but didn’t close her eyes. She was scared now and it was clear she was a part of the ghost story.

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