Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Six

The next morning, Alexandria went to the old room where the third Lady Coven had slept. She did not get any sleep at all last night. She was too scared that the banshees would keep visiting her in her sleep. She was tired and desperate. Her parents had noticed she was tired but had just told her to get more sleep. It wasn’t like she could tell them about the banshees. Her mother had already made it clear that she didn’t believe her about the ghosts.

Alexandria closed the door behind her. She didn’t have much time. She knew that the tour would be reaching the room in the next hour or so. She had to find whatever clues she could before they arrived.

Alexandria looked at the portrait of the third Lady Coven. It was over the bed and the only portrait in the room. The rest of the room only had a bed and a dresser. It reminded Alexandria more of prison than a bedroom. Just a bit fancier. Alexandria wouldn’t have been surprised if Lady Coven had killed the daughters and framed Lord Coven for the crime just to get back at Lord Coven.

Alexandria went to Lady Coven’s dresser and opened the drawers. She had gone through the room the day before but never thought to look in the dresser. She wasn’t expecting to find anything in it. That was when she reached the bottom drawer. As she opened it, a metal key that looked old fell out from behind the drawer.

Alexandria smiled when she saw it. “Finally. A clue.” She said, picking up the key. To her surprise, there was a skull at the handle end of the key. “What were you trying to keep hidden from everyone Lady Coven?” Alexandria asked quietly. Hearing the tour coming towards Lady Coven’s room, Alexandria pocketed the key and ran out of the room quickly.

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