Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Seven

Alexandria waited until she was alone in the library before she took the key out. She studied it closely. It didn’t look like any of the keys that the tour guide would use during his tours. It also didn’t look like a replica key that was sold as a historical prop in the gift store down the road. With how old it looked, Alexandria was certain it belonged to Lady Coven. But why would a lady of a high-standing family have a creepy-looking key? Lady Coven didn’t look like she did anything creepy.

Alexandria wondered if there was a part of Lady Coven’s life that no one knew. After all, the ghost story of the manor was only of the three sisters being murdered in the middle of the night and their killer getting away. Lady Coven was basically overlooked the whole time. Alexandria flipped the key over and looked at the back of it. There was nothing unusual about it, just a few scratches.

That was when the air got cold. Alexandria pocketed the key. The air became warm again. Alexandria frowned and took the key out again. The air got cold again. That was weird. It was almost as if the mansion didn’t like the key. Alexandria tried to remember if it had been cold in Lady Coven’s room when she had found the key. She didn’t think it had been but she had been busy trying to avoid the tour guide.

Alexandria held the key up. It got even colder. The mansion did not like the key. That was certain. Alexandria looked around her. The room seemed to have gotten darker despite the lights being on. There was only one spot that didn’t seem to be dark though. It was on one of the bookshelves.

Alexandria went closer to the bookshelf. The light only stayed bright around one book. Alexandria removed the book and looked at it. Her eyes widened. There was a worn-out skull on the cover. The book looked more like a journal. Alexandria tried to open the journal but couldn’t. She looked at the side of the journal. There was a lock keeping the front and back of the journal together.

Alexandria looked at the key in her hand. She realized that the key unlocked the book. She slid the key into the lock and turned it, unlocking the journal. The book opened. Alexandria flipped through the pages. It looked like a spellbook. She didn’t recognize any of the spells. Whoever had written this had either used a code to hide what the spells really were or had created spells that no book or movie had ever shown.

Alexandria flipped a few more pages. It looked like the spellbook turned into a diary. It didn’t say who it was that had written it but Alexandria guessed that it had been Lady Coven. From what Alexandria could read, it sounded like Lady Coven resented her life and despised her husband, wanting to make him pay for something he had done to her.

Alexandria wanted to read more but the last few pages were blank. That didn’t make any sense. It didn’t tell what had happened to Lady Coven. She had just vanished. Alexandria groaned and sat down in a chair, the journal laying on the armrest. How was she supposed to find out what had happened to Lady Coven or what had happened to the three sisters now? They were expecting her to find their killer or their bodies.

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