Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Eight

Alexandria went to the basement of Coven Manor. She wasn’t sure why but she had a feeling that something about Lady Coven was down there. She looked around. The basement looked abandoned and some boxes were broken, exposing old items and relics. There were smashed lanterns on the floor. The only light she had was her flashlight. She wondered if no one had been there since the deaths of the Coven Sisters.

Alexandria made her way carefully around the basement. There had to be another clue, something that connected Lady Coven to the strange deaths. She wasn’t finding anything though that seemed suspicious. Just broken crates with damaged relics.

Alexandria knelt closer to a broken crate, a frown appearing on her face. This crate looked like it had been broken a lot later than most of the broken crates. Almost as if someone recently had been snooping around the place. That was weird. Alexandria couldn’t think of that many people who would be in the basement. The list though was very small though so there could have been someone she didn’t know about.

“What are you doing down here?” Alexandria stood up and spun around. Mr. Ortune was standing there and he did not look happy. “The basement is off limits to everyone, including your family.” Mr. Ortune told Alexandria as he walked up to her.

“I’m sorry.” Alexandria said quickly. She wondered why her family wasn’t allowed down there. They owned the house now since they were living there. She should be allowed down there. She was certain the banshees didn’t care about Mr. Ortune’s rules.

Mr. Ortune crossed his arms over his chest. “Get going and don’t ever let me catch you down here again.” He told Alexandria in a dangerous voice. “There are consequences for breaking the rules.” The way he said that last bit made Alexandria wonder if there was something about Mr. Ortune’s past that would make him a suspect.

Alexandria quickly left the basement. She didn’t want to be alone with the tour guide. That was when she realized that something was wrong. There wasn’t a tour happening. That was a first. There was always a tour. What was Mr. Ortune up to?

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