Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Nine

That night, Alexandria was in her bed wide awake. She was looking at Lady Coven’s key. She couldn’t get to sleep, not that she could go to sleep. She had a feeling if she tried to, the banshees would show up again and wake her up. Besides the key and the spellbook, she hadn’t found anything else.

She sighed and put the key down. What did Lady Coven’s magical spellbook have anything to do with the Coven Sisters’ disappearance and deaths?

That was when she heard something moving. Alexandria sat up and looked around, turning on her bed lamp in the process. What was that? Whatever it was moved again. This was just getting too creepy for her. She went to her door and turned the light on.

Alexandria turned around and looked at her room. There wasn’t any sign of anyone in her room. She wasn’t sure if she was relieved or not. If there was no one there, who was making all of that noise? She turned around and went to open the door. There was no way she was going to be in that room by herself. Not with the invisible ghosts. To her horror, she couldn’t open the door.

Alexandria tried to open the door but it wouldn’t work. She started panicking. What was she to do if she couldn’t escape? To make things worse, the movement in her room started again. There was shaking all around the room, furniture was moving around.

She started hearing whispering all around her. “Find our bodies. Find our killer.” The whispering voices were saying. Alexandria felt her heart begin to beat quickly. She wanted to escape but she couldn’t. She started freaking out and felt like she was about to have a panic attack. She felt herself pass out.

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