Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Ten

Alexandria groaned as she slowly sat up. Her head was throbbing. The last thing she remembered was having a panic attack in her bedroom. She looked around. She wasn’t in her bedroom anymore. That was weird. She was in what looked like a basement but she was certain she had never seen this back at Coven Manor. All that she could see in the place were three coffins. They looked old and were made of wood. Whatever they were holding though was clearly rotten. Alexandria could smell that.

Alexandria stood up and walked up to the three coffins. The lids were closed but the locks were broken. Alexandria wasn’t sure if she wanted to open them but she knew she had to. She was certain she knew what was in them as well. She opened the first one before stumbling back at the sight of the corpse inside. It was wearing a torn-up dress. Alexandria opened up the other two coffins. Sure enough, there were corpses in them too. All three Coven Sisters.

“Well done you clever girl.” Alexandria spun around. Standing there by a door was a young woman. Alexandria’s eyes widened. It was Lady Coven from the portrait. “You found the dead girls and their killer.” Lady Coven continued, pointing at herself. “And now you shall die so no one finds out the truth.”

“Wait!” Alexandria cried. “Before you kill me, I just need to know one thing.” Seeing that she made Lady Coven pause, Alexandria continued. “Why did you kill your daughters?” She had to know if she was to really solve the mystery.

Lady Coven was silent for a few seconds before she finally spoke. “My husband, if you could even call Lord Coven that, always spent more time with his daughters then he would with me. I was just a trophy wife to him. Lord Coven didn’t know though that I was into witchcraft. I used a hypnotism spell on my husband, having him kill the daughters and then hiding the bodies here in my small house’s basement.” She told Alexandria.

“When the town searched Coven Manor, I had to hide my witchcraft items so that they would immediately believe that my husband had hidden the bodies where no one could find them. I then kept myself young over the years by using the blood of the residences of Coven Manor whenever I needed it.” Lady Coven smiled wickedly. “Just like what I’ll do with you.” With that, Lady Coven ran towards Alexandria.

Alexandria backed up and fell into a coffin. Her eyes widened as she turned to see the corpse of one of the Coven Sisters laying there. She screamed as she looked back up to see Lady Coven standing over her. “Prepare to die girl.” Lady Coven said.

That was when it happened. There were loud screeches. Lady Coven and Alexandria looked up at the ceiling as three banshees came into the room. They looked very angry despite not having flesh on their faces. They flew towards Lady Coven, grabbing her before flying her into the air. Lady Coven screamed.

Alexandria realized what was happening. The Coven Sisters had found their killer and their bodies and were finally getting their revenge. The Coven Sisters flew Lady Coven through the ceiling, vanishing with the witch into thin air until all four of them were gone.

Alexandria looked inside the three coffins. The corpses turned to dust and vanished. She sighed with relief. She had helped the Coven Sisters before the deadline. She looked around her. She just had to get out of the place and back home.

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