Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter One

Alex pulled her hood up as she got off of the bus. Not that her hood would do much good in protecting her from the pouring down rain. Why did it have to rain on a day when she didn’t have her rain jacket? Now she was going to be soaking wet and the school day hadn’t even begun yet. She walked as quickly as she could to the front doors and got into the building fast.

“Forgot your rain coat?” Someone asked. Alex turned to see her best friend Alice joining her. “You really need to check the weather station before leaving for school.” Alice continued. “Or you’ll end up looking like a drowned animal that’s purple.”

Alex rolled her eyes. “Very funny Alice.” She said. She knew that her friend was only trying to cheer her up. Sometimes though Alice needed to work on her jokes. “I just hope that my journal didn’t get wet.” Alex then said, taking her backpack off. She unzipped her bag and checked. Good, her journal was still dry.

“You brought your song journal here?” Alice asked. “Is there any place you don’t bring that to?” She knew all about Alex’s love for writing songs and that Alex took her song journal just about everywhere. She didn’t think though that Alex brought it to school.

Alex nodded. “I was working on a song last night and I fell asleep before I could finish it.” She told Alice. “I’m hoping to get more of it written during study hall.” This would be her best song ever. Even better than the song she had written and performed herself at the talent show that got her second place. She was certain that it would be the best song ever.

“Must be quite the song if you feel confident about bring it here.” Alice said. “Just make sure that no one steals it.”

“By no one, you mean Jessica.” Alex said. Jessica was always trying to steal Alex’s stuff. The number of times Jessica tried to claim Alex’s works were her own was ridiculous. It was like Jessica had nothing else better to do.

“Yeah I mean Jessica.” Alice replied. “You don’t want her to steal this song. Especially with what’s coming up.”

Alex frowned. “What’s coming up?” She asked as she thought of the different school events that were coming up. To the best of her knowledge, none of them had anything to do with singing songs or writing anything.

Alice groaned and grabbed Alex by the arm before practically dragging her to the left wall. “That’s coming up.” Alice told Alex, pointing at a large poster. “This is why you don’t want Jessica to steal this song that you’re working on.”

Alex looked at the poster. Her eyes widened. It was a singing contest for the chance to perform at Keller Auditorium, the best singing hall in all of Portland. It was always her dream to perform there but she could never get the manager there to take her seriously enough. This could be her chance to get to perform there.

“You should totally sign up for this.” Alice said. “If anyone deserves to win, it’s you.” She knew that Alex wanted to perform at Keller Auditorium.

“Looking at the singing contest?” A male voice asked, making Alex and Alice both jump. The two girls turned around to see the speaker and Alex felt her heart flutter. It was Daniel, the cutest and most popular boy in the eighth grade. Alex really liked him but could never tell him how she felt. Popular eighth-grade boys like him never ended up with seventh-grade girls like her. “I was thinking about signing up for it.” Daniel told them.

“Yeah, well get ready to lose to Alex here.” Alice told him. “Because Alex is totally going to win the contest.”

Alex wanted to groan or disappear. The last thing she wanted was for her best friend to embarrass her in front of the cutest boy in the entire school that she was also crushing on. She wanted to impress Daniel, not beat him and then brag about it.

Daniel looked at Alex. “You’re going to sign up for the contest too?” He asked before he smiled. “That’s cool. Good luck.” He then turned around and walked away.

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