Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Two

Alex waited until Daniel was out of sight before she spun around to face Alice. “Why did you have to embarrass me in front of him?” Alex asked. “I want Daniel to like me.”

Alice looked at her friend. “I know you have a crush on him Alex but come on. We’re both seventh graders and he’s an eighth grader. What chance do girls like us have with boys like him?” Alice knew that what she was saying was a bit harsh but it was the truth and Alex needed to remember that. “Besides, if you do win, you might just get his attention.”

Alex rolled her eyes. Alice really needed to decide which side she was on in this. “And this is why no one wants you to be their matchmaker.” She reminded Alice.

Alice laughed. “That and also because most people I pair up end up breaking up.” That made both of the girls laugh as they walked to their first class.

“What song do you think Daniel will be singing?” Alice asked, looking at her friend. “I mean no one has ever really heard him sing before.”

Alex shrugged. “I don’t know.” She replied. Knowing Daniel, it could be just about any song. Daniel wouldn’t share anything about what he would work on until it was time to present it. The number of times Alex had heard other students talk about Daniel not sharing what his research projects were until presentation day and it drove most of them crazy.

“Maybe you should try doing a duet with him.” Alice said. “That way you kill two birds with one stone and not only end up in Keller Auditorium but you also get a boyfriend.” She playfully pushed Alex.

Alex thought about what Alice was saying. It would be a great way to get noticed by Daniel. “I’ll have to think about it.” Alex said.

In Alex’s study hall period, Alex was working on her song. She was focused on making sure that the new verses she was working on came from her heart. She really wanted Daniel to like it in case she did beat him in the contest. She kept looking around as she wrote her song. She didn’t want anyone to try to steal her song.

That was when it happened. A strange-looking bald man appeared across the table from her. His nose was bent a little at the end. He had a mischievous look on his face. “Working on a song to win the contest with?” The bald man asked before he smiled a little.

Alex hid her song and looked around, expecting other students to freak out at the sight of a man who didn’t work at the school.

“No one else can see me Alex. Only you can.” The bald man told her.

Alex frowned and looked back at the man. “Who are you?” She demanded. “How do you know so much about me?”

The bald man laughed. “You can call me Funortu. Nate Funortu.” He told Alex. “And I can make your wish to win the contest come true.” He leaned towards Alex. “I can make you become a famous singer.”

Alex liked the sound of that. She always wanted to be famous and she was certain that if she won the singing contest, she would get Daniel’s attention for sure. “What would I have to do for you?” She then asked. She wanted to make sure that there wasn’t anything dangerous that she would have to do.

Nate Funortu smiled and laughed. “Don’t worry.” He told Alex. “You won’t have to do anything too big for me. I just need one small thing that you won’t miss.” He let that sink in before he continued. “So do we have a deal?”

Alex looked at the man. She really did want to win. “Deal.” She said. She then looked down at herself. “I don’t feel any different.” She looked back at Nate Funortu. “Did it work?”

Nate Funortu nodded. “You will now win.” He told her before he vanished into thin air.

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