Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Three

That Saturday, Alex was at the high school auditorium waiting to hear back from the judges of the contest. She wasn’t alone. There were several other people there, all of them were contestants and her competition. Alex wasn’t worried. She thought back to how she had made a deal with Nate Funortu. If Nate Funortu was serious, she was the winner of the contest.

Alex saw Daniel walking towards her. Her heart began to flutter. She couldn’t believe it. The cutest boy at her school was walking towards her. She looked down at herself to make sure that she didn’t look like a mess before she looked back up at him. “Hi Daniel.” She said. “I saw your audition. You were great.”

Daniel smiled. “I saw your audition too Alex.” He said. “You were awesome. You definitely will give some of these people here competition.”

That made Alex smile. “So will you.” She said. Not that it mattered much anymore. According to Nate Funortu, she was the winner of the contest.

That was when the judges came out. “Well, after reviewing each of your auditions and speaking to each other, we have chosen our winner.” One of the judges said.

Alex and Daniel looked at each other. “We’re about to find out who won.” Daniel told Alex. Alex was really excited. She was about to hear her name being called.

“And our winner who will get the chance to perform at Keller Auditorium is...Alex Sampson!”

Alex jumped up, thrusting a fist into the air. “Yes!” She cried excitedly. She looked at Daniel. “I won!” She said in an excited voice. “I won!”

Daniel smiled and pointed towards the judges. “You might want to go up to them before they choose someone else as the winner.” He told her.

Alex, realizing that Daniel was right, ran up to the judges. “Thank you!” She cried excitedly to the judges. “Thank you for choosing me.” She shook the first two judges’ hands before she turned to the third one. Her eyes widened.

It was Nate Funortu. He had a sly smile on his face. “I told you that you would win.” Nate Funortu told Alex. “Now make sure to remember that you will owe me something in return.” He said before he shook her hand. “And congrats on winning the competition.” He added, winking as he said it.

Alex suddenly didn’t feel so good about winning.

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