Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Four

On the following Monday, Alex was in her math class but she wasn’t really paying attention to the teacher. She was too busy thinking about how she had won the contest. She wanted to have her phone out in case Keller Auditorium called her to perform her song for everyone. She knew though that she couldn’t have her phone out. If she did, there would be a good chance that the teacher would take it. He was one of those old fashion teachers who would confiscate phones if he even heard them in someone’s pockets.

That was when there was a knock at the classroom door. The teacher stopped talking and everyone turned to see the principal of their school standing there. “Excuse me Mr. Smith. I need to see Alex Sampson.” The principal said.

Mr. Smith nodded and looked at Alex. “Return to class once you’re done at the office.” He told Alex.

Alex resisted the urge to roll her eyes. Of course, she would be returning to class. Not like there was anywhere else she would go. Her parents would kill her if she skipped school. She stood up and followed the principal out of the classroom.

The principal led Alex to her office. To Alex’s surprise, a man was sitting by the principal’s desk. He was well dressed. The man smiled when he saw Alex. “There she is.” He said in an Australian accent. He stood up and went up to Alex, shaking her hand. “The name is Nick Goldsten.” The man continued. “I heard you sing at the auditions and just had to meet you.”

Alex’s heart flutter. She had heard of Nick Goldsten but never thought she would actually ever see him. He was one of the biggest agents for famous singers. “You heard my song?” She asked.

Nick Goldsten nodded. “Heard it and loved it.” He told her. “I just had to meet you and I want to be your agent in the world of famous music.” He took out his business card. “Call me when you have decided.” He smiled at Alex. “Hope to hear from you soon.” He said before he left the room.

Later that day during lunch, Alex was still looking at Nick Goldsten’s business card. “I can’t believe that Nick Goldsten offered to be your agent.” Alice was saying. “Alex, you’re going to be a famous singer.”

Alex looked at Alice. “I am so nervous to call him.” She told Alice. “I mean I always wanted to perform at Keller Auditorium. If I take Nick as my agent, I’ll travel to who knows where to perform my songs.” Alex wanted to do it but she never thought about having a life outside of Portland. This was her home. It was all she ever knew.

Before Alice could say anything, Daniel plopped a seat next to Alex. “There’s the famous girl.” Daniel said, smiling at Alex. “I heard that a certain Alex Sampson received a visit from Nick Goldsten. That’s awesome.”

Alex felt herself blushing. So the entire school had heard about Nick Goldsten visiting her and offering to be her agent. No doubt Alice had a part to play in all of that. Alice and probably everyone who had seen Nick Goldsten in the office. She wondered when her classmates would be flocking to her to get her autograph.

“I wonder if Nick Goldsten talked to anyone else here about being their agent.” Alex said. “I mean I surely couldn’t have been the only one he visited.”

Daniel laughed. “Alex, you were the only one here he offered to be the agent of. I heard some of the teachers in the office talking about it. They’re all probably going to start telling you that you are their favorite student and will do anything for you just so you will call them your friends and fans.” He said.

Alex thought about it. She was sure that even the students would be wanting to be friends with her. She looked at another table of students. The students were all looking at her before they noticed. They all quickly looked at each other and started giggling. Yep, she was having a fan club being formed that she didn’t even plan to have.

“Call Nick Goldsten. Tell him you want to take him up on his offer to be your agent.” Alice said. “I’m sure he is looking at his phone and is waiting to hear from you.”

Alex knew it was lunch but surely the lunch ladies would understand why she had to make this phone call. She took her phone out and dialed Nick Goldsten’s number. A few seconds later, she heard someone on the other end pick up. “Hi. This is Alex Sampson.” Alex then smiled. “Hi Nick. I would love to have you as my agent.”

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