Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Five

After school that day, Alex rode her bike over to Nick Goldsten’s recording studio. She parked her bike in front of the place and locked her bike to the bike stand. She removed her helmet and looked up at the building. She still couldn’t believe that Nick Goldsten wanted to be her agent. She entered the building. Her eyes widened as she took in the sight of the lobby. The walls were black with black and white photos of people. She assumed they were singers that Nick Goldesten represented. The chandelier-lit the entire room. Despite the lobby looking so inviting, there was only a receptionist at the front desk and a bodyguard. Alex looked down at the red carpet on the floor. It led to the receptionist.

Alex started walking down the red carpet. For some reason, Alex thought the carpet was a bit warm. She didn’t think about it too much though as she came up to the receptionist. The receptionist looked down at her from behind his desk. “So the newest singing star has arrived.” The receptionist said in a cold voice.

Alex nodded. “The new singing star. That’s me.” She looked at the receptionist. She noticed that he looked very pale. “Are you okay?” Alex asked.

The receptionist rolled his eyes. “Of course I’m okay.” He said. “Having to see new people come in with their big dreams.” Alex noticed he sounded sarcastic saying that. He must have seen a lot of people come in with dreams coming true.

Alex looked at the receptionist’s name tag. It was hard to read but it looked like it said the man’s name was C. Haron. She noticed that it was a strange name. C. Haron picked up his phone and called a number. “Sir, Alex Sampson has arrived. Shall I send her to you? Very well.” The receptionist put his phone away and looked at Alex. “You may go now.” He told Alex. “Mr. Goldsten is on the fifth floor. Just follow the red carpet to the elevator.”

Alex nodded to the receptionist and followed the red carpet to the elevator. She pressed a button by the elevator door. The elevator opened up. Alex went in and pressed the five button. The doors closed and Alex felt the elevator go up. She was excited to meet Nick Goldsten again.

The elevator door then opened. Alex’s eyes widened as she saw a red carpet that led to a very fancy room. The center of the room had a very fancy looking desk. There were more large black and white photos all along the walls of the room. These though were of Nick Goldsten. Alex saw a door on the other side of the room. It was closed. She guessed it was Nick Goldsten’s bedroom.

Alex walked into the room. It felt really warm. She wondered if there were any fans in the room. That was when the door opened and Nick Goldsten came into the room. He smiled when he saw Alex. “There’s my new superstar!” He said very excitedly. Nick Goldsten walked up to Alex and shook her hand. “Thank you so much for coming by. We can now just go over the legal stuff so I can represent you and any songs that you write.”

Nick Goldesten led Alex to the fancy desk. “I have the paperwork here for you to sign.” He told Alex, bringing out a packet. “Once you’ve signed the contract, we can start making you famous.” He handed Alex the packet.

Alex looked at the packet and read it. It seemed legit enough. Not that she doubted Nick Goldsten. He was after all one of the most famous agents that she had ever heard of. “You want me to put my heart and soul into my music?” Alex asked. “That’ll be easy. I always put my heart and soul into what I write.” She flipped to the last page where she had to sign.

Nick Goldsten gave her a red pen. “Just sign on the dotted line.” He told her in an eager voice. Alex, smiling, took the red pen and signed her name on the contract. Nick Goldsten took the contract back. “Excellent. Now let’s make music.” He said.

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