Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Six

That Saturday, Alex was peeking through the curtain at the giant audience in Keller Auditorium. She couldn’t believe that she was finally going to get to perform a large audience in the one place she has wanted to perform at for years.

“There’s our superstar.” Alex turned to see Nick Goldsten walking up to her. “Are you ready to perform for all of those people out there?” Nick Goldsten asked. “Ready to put your heart and soul out there for everyone?”

Alex nodded and picked up her guitar. “I’m ready for the world to finally hear me sing.” She said. She heard the curtain being raised and she turned to the audience. She waited until the spotlight hit her before she started to sing. As she sang, Alex saw that Daniel and Alice were close to the front of the auditorium watching her. Alex felt her heart swell when she saw Daniel. She was excited that he could hear her sing her now perfect song.

As she played her guitar and sang her song, Alex put as much heart and soul into her singing so people could see that she used emotion with her music. When she finished her song, the audience burst into loud applause and someone shouted for her to do an encore. Alex looked to her right at Nick Goldsten who was off stage. Nick Goldsten nodded to her.

Alex looked back at the audience. “Do you want an encore?” She asked. There was a loud cheer. “I can’t hear you! Do you want an encore?” Alex asked once again. She didn’t know why she really did it. She guessed it was because she had always seen famous people do that. She started playing her song for them once again.

After the performance, Alex joined Alice and Daniel. “How did I do?” Alex asked them. She wanted to know what they thought about her performance.

Alice hugged her. “You were amazing Alex.” She replied.

Daniel hugged her too, making Alex’s heart flutter. “I loved it.” Daniel told her.

“Alex, well done!” Nick Goldsten cried excitedly as he joined the three teens. “I knew you would be a good singer to be an agent for.” He said as he looked at Alex’s two friends. “And nothing like having your best friends there to see you perform for the first time.”

Nick Goldsten’s phone then rang. Nick Goldsten took his phone out and looked at the screen. “Excuse me Alex, I need to take this.” Nick Goldsten quickly left the three.

“Alex, do you want to spend the night at my place? We can do a sleepover.” Alice said.

Alex was about to answer when she felt a bit dizzy. She held a hand to her forehead. “Maybe not tonight Alice.” She said. “I feel a bit tired.” She didn’t remember feeling so tired before though. Probably because it was her first time being a famous singer. She looked at Alice and Daniel. “I’ll see you two at school.” She told them before she went backstage.

As Alex went to her dressing room, she saw something strange. It was what looked like a stranger wearing Nick Goldsten’s suit. She wondered if the stranger had stolen it. She went after the stranger as if it was a he, go around a corner. She went around the corner as well and stopped. Her eyes widened. The stranger’s head was red and pointy. His ears were sharp at the top.

Alex backed away and took off running to her changing room. She didn’t want the red-headed...whatever it was to see her. She quickly went into her room and closed the door.

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