Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Two

Laura ran out to her dad before looking around. To her surprise, there was once again no sign of the angry boy. She looked at her dad. “Who was the boy that was out here just a few minutes ago?” She asked. There was no way her dad could deny seeing him this time. He had been right there next to him.

Laura’s dad looked at Laura. “What boy?” He asked before he smiled. “Should I be worried about you looking for a boyfriend already?” He asked jokingly, smiling as he laughed a bit. He wasn’t too worried about Laura looking for a boyfriend. He knew that long-distance relationships were hard to keep alive and he was certain that Ted wouldn’t want Laura to be feeling like she was bound to him or anything.

Laura gave her dad a look of disbelief. “Dad, I’m still with Ted even if we’re states away.” She told him. There was no way she was just going to dump Ted because of the distance. She wasn’t that kind of girl. She looked around. There was still no sign of the angry boy. Before Laura could think anymore about it, a small Volkswagen bug pulled up behind their van.

Laura and her dad turned to the vehicle. The driver’s door opened and a plump woman with short curly brown hair came out. She was dressed in way too much pink. Laura clearly felt that the woman was trying to overcompensate for something. Maybe because she was lacking a wedding band and was trying to catch a guy’s attention. Either way, the woman’s outfit was going to make Laura have a strong desire to burn anything pink.

The woman went up to Laura and Laura’s dad. “You must be Mr. Rogers.” The woman said in a way too cheerful voice. “I’m Mrs. Carson. We spoke over the phone about finding you two a place to live while you work here.”

Mr. Rogers smiled and offered his hand. Mrs. Carson took it and they shook hands. “I’m Clark Rogers.” He told Mrs. Carson. “This is my daughter, Laura.”

Mrs. Carson looked at Laura. Laura could have sworn that Mrs. Carson’s face showed a mix of surprise, shock and horror for a brief moment before returning to her cheerful facial expression. “How wonderful.” Mrs. Carson said. “Well, I hope you both enjoy living here.” She continued, gesturing to the house. “If you have any questions, please do call me and I will be more than happy to answer them.”

Laura crossed her arms over her chest. “Why didn’t you tell my dad about the stink in the house?” She asked. “Don’t you think we should have known about that?” She noticed her dad giving her a warning look to be nice but Laura didn’t want to risk it going unnoticed or not be mentioned.

Mrs. Carson looked at Laura. “The stink in the house?” She asked before she shook her head. “I guess it never occured to me that there might be a smell given how long this house has been empty.” Mrs. Carson looked at the house as she said that.

Mr. Rogers raised an eyebrow. “How long has the house been empty?” He asked. He was curious now. Mrs. Carson hadn’t talked much about the house’s past over the phone. Only that it was empty and that she was willing to sell it to them for a reasonably low price. The house’s past might explain why Mrs. Carson was willing to sell it for a low price.

Mrs. Carson shook her head again. “It’s been empty for nearly fifty years.” She replied. “The last owner moved out of it quickly and since there was no deed for it, the house had been empty and no one moved in until you two.” She shrugged. “If you want to know more, you’ll need to research it.”

Laura could tell that there was something that Mrs. Carson wasn’t telling them but before she could ask what that was, Mr. Rogers stepped forward.

“Thank you for stopping by and welcoming us to the town.” Mr. Rogers said, smiling. “I’ll call a plumber and a home interior designer to help clean it up in the next few days.” He looked at his daughter. “Laura, how about you start moving your stuff in.” The way he said it made it clear that he wasn’t asking.

Laura rolled her eyes and went to the back of the van. She picked up a couple of her bags. She hadn’t been able to pack everything of hers into the van, just a few bags so she didn’t have much to carry. The rest of her and her dad’s stuff wouldn’t be there until a few days later when the moving truck would arrive.

She carried her stuff into her bedroom and set it down on her mattress, coughing a bit as dust came up from where her bags were laying. She waved the dust that was in her face away before looking around the room again. Nothing else to do except to put clothes in the dresser.

Laura took out her phone. It would be a little while before the Wi-Fi was set up and running. She hated to use her phone’s data but she didn’t have a choice. It looked like none of the local neighbors had free Wi-Fi. Mrs. Carson had said that if her dad or she wanted to know more about the house, they were to research it.

Laura brought up her internet app and typed in their new address before pressing search. The first few results only said where the house was and only had the date that the last owner had left. April Fifteenth, Nineteen Seventy-Four. Mrs. Carson was telling the truth. No one had lived there for forty-six years.

Laura tried to find out what she could about the house but there was nothing else to find for the first few result pages. Laura groaned and set her phone down. She would have to look elsewhere if she wanted answers.

“Hey Laura, can you come down here and help me bring stuff in?” Mr. Rogers called up from downstairs.

“Sure thing Dad!” Laura replied before heading out of her room. She stopped though once she came out of her room. Her eyes widened. On the wall by the stairs, written in red, were the words: Get Out Now Jessica!

“Dad!” Laura screamed, backing into the wall behind her.

Mr. Rogers came running up the stairs. “What is it Laura?” He asked in a worried voice.

Laura pointed at the wall. “Someone was in our house and wrote “Get out now Jessica” on the wall.” She replied in a shaky voice.

Mr. Rogers looked at the wall where Laura had claimed to have seen the words. He didn’t see any words anywhere on the wall. He looked down the hall to the other end before looking back down the stairs’ walls. “I don’t see anything.” He replied.

Laura looked at him before looking at the wall. To her surprise, the words were gone. “They were just there.” She replied. “I swear they were.” Laura looked at her dad again. “I wouldn’t make this up!”

Mr. Rogers sighed and leaned against the wall. “I think I know what’s going on.” He said before shaking his head. “I get it. You want to go back to Orlando, back to your life before we came here, back to your boyfriend and all of that. I get it, I do. But this is our life now Laura. This is where we’ll be living until I get a new job.”

Laura looked at her dad. Did he really think that she was just making this up to go back to Ted? She wished that she was but she wasn’t. The angry boy had to have been the one who had written the message on the wall. He had been giving her the angry look. She just couldn’t prove it. Especially with the words now gone.

Mr. Rogers looked at his watch. “It’s getting late.” He said. “How about we get the rest of the stuff into the house and then eat out for supper?” He smiled a little at Laura. “Least I can do for dragging you all the way up here.” He added before he turned around and went back down the stairs.

Laura looked around her. She knew what she had seen. She hadn’t made it all up. She felt a slight chill in the air. She shivered before rushing after her dad. Had she looked over her shoulder though, she would have seen a red liquid dripping down to the floor under where the words had been.

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