Dark Tales The Collection

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Chapter Eight

Alice and Alex got off the city bus. “Are you sure that Nick Goldsten is at this building?” Alice asked.

“Yes. This was the place I went to when Nick Goldsten asked me to sign the contract so he could represent me.” Alex replied. “Why do you asked?” She then saw why Alice had asked.

The building was abandoned and looked like no one had been there for a very long time. Most of the windows were broken and there was an old-looking eviction sign on the remaining door that was still standing. The top of the building looked scorched and had large holes all over, showing the inside of the building.

Alice looked at Alex. “I don’t see how you could have met Nick...” Alice frowned for a few seconds. “Do I know you?” She then asked.

That startled Alex. How could Alice forget her all of a sudden? “Alice, it’s me. Alex.” Alex said. “We’ve been friends since we were in preschool.”

Alice backed away from her. “My friend Alex is a thirteen year old girl.” She told Alex. “You’re an elderly lady. There is no way you could be Alex.” Alice looked around her. “I don’t even know what I’m doing here but I’m going home now.” Alice looked at Alex. “Don’t follow me or I’ll call the cops.” With that Alice took off running.

Alex shook her head. “But I’m Alex.” She said. Alice didn’t reply though and disappeared around a corner. Alex’s heart sank. Why couldn’t her best friend remember what had just happened to her? She saw someone walking in her direction. “Excuse me!” Alex called out to the man. The man stopped walking and looked at her. “Isn’t this the office building of Nick Goldsten, the agent of famous singers?” Alex asked.

The man frowned. “Nick who?” He asked. “Lady, I’ve never heard of any singing agent named Nick Goldsten.” With that, he walked off.

Alex looked back at the building. She knew that Nick Goldsten had been there and that he had represented her. She had done a singing performance the night before. She wondered if anyone remembered the performance at least.

She went to the Keller Auditorium even though it took her about a half hour. She went inside and up to the desk in the lobby. The receptionist at the computer there looked at her. “May I help you ma’am?” The receptionist asked.

“Was there a performance last night?” Alex asked. “By a new singer named Alex Sampson?”

The receptionist frowned and looked at the computer screen. “There was no performance by Alex Sampson here last night.” He said after a few minutes. “I don’t know who told you that there was one but I can tell you we didn’t have some new singer here last night. We had the Glee Club from Washington High School.”

Alex shook her head. That was impossible. She knew that she had been the one who had performed the night before. “Would you like a senior discount for the next performance here?” The receptionist then asked.

“No thank you.” Alex replied. With a sad heart, Alex left the Keller Auditorium, unsure of what she would do next.

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